Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GNO - no Marnie, not gyno...girls night out!!!

The Friday after Christmas we gathered up the girls and all went out to dinner for some chatting fun! It was Laura's idea for us to all bring a white elephant gift (wonder why she didn't even know how to play) so we found something good to share and met up!

Unfortunately, our group was small this time because a few people were unable to come, but we still had a total blast.

We talked about so much fun stuff! Kempy shared her and her hubby's WORST fight story and it was comparable to me and Austin's BEST fight story. Nice try Kemp, you and Joh need to work on having worse fights, got it? She also had some major Mormon mother hair going on that night (are you gonna cut that or what Kempy?). I also came to a realization that perfect Kempy hasn't always been SOOO perfect. She used to wear hot pants to work out in and midriff bearing tops. Bad Bad Bad Kempy, I'm so glad you've repented of your past.

Isela sneakily "forgot" her wallet and then somehow got her meal for free?? How the crap did that happen I'll never understand. I think its because she's a hot Latina and we were in a Mexican restaurant so she got the hook up! Whatever! She still owes me for her coke. Isela you better hurry up and be done with having kids or something. OH and go buy your cute little self a spanx so you can be cool like me!

Laura owes me a picture of her pregnant with the twins. Supposedly it will "blow my face off" when I look at it. I doubt it. I don't see how it could be worse than MY preggo with Jake pic when I'm wearing a windsuit and I look like Missy Elliot in her trash bags from THIS video. I also made amends with Laura for treating her like dog poop when I was a teenager. I was pretty mean back then but apparently when you treat someone like crap as a kid, they become a great friend later on, so keep that in mind. She's pretty cool for forgiving me.

The white elephant exchange was fun and we did special poses with our prizes to show how much we love them! Kempy got some yummy bath salts and a neck warmy massager thingy from Isela. She couldn't stop smelling those delicious salts. I had to rip them away from her so she wouldn't eat them.

Isela got a crust buster and some sandwich stamps from Kempy. I think this is a hint to be more of a Mormon mother like Kempy and grow her hair out to outrageous Mormony lengths. Oh wait, I'm getting this prize confused with a flat iron, nevermind.

Laura got the best prize of all and that's because it was from ME. It's a special box for pens. To put pens in. With pens on top. And pens. Oh and it weighs about as much as myself so the twins won't steal any pens when she's not looking.

I got something PERFECT for my personality...an American Idol microphone so I can sing all day long to my Britney Woman Izey song and Daddy's Rhianna. Thanks Laura.

Before we parted ways, we took about 623 group pictures of ourselves and we STILL didn't get a good one. Getting a perfect picture of this group is harder than my family pics were if you can believe that! If only THIS picture were taken with Isela's new camera it would be PERFECT. I'm gonna steal that camera that makes me look 10 years younger and HOT.

Thanks girlies for meeting up with me!! I had a blast and I can't wait till next time! We missed all of you who weren't able to make it this time - Natalie, Deanna, and Marnie!


Jess said...

Oh my goodness! Now your entire blogging community knows the truth about me. Oh well :)

This is a GREAT post. I was laughing all the way through. What a fab GNO. Thanks for such fun times!

Laura said...

I figured we're even after all these years because I put the dead mouse in your boxes. Plus, i was really hoping you'd mention that Isela won't potty without the door locked and water running. And what happened to the retelling of the fight where you tried to kill AUstin with a Russian fertility statue? COME ON! And Isela totally goosed that waiter guy's bum--that's how she scored free food. Until, the next time---GNO rules.

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, so seriously....these are ALOT of blogs to keep up with. Good thing the person that was suppose to come over and hang out with me tonight flaked out on me and now I have all the time in the world to sit at my computer and comment all your 300 blogs.

"Kempy" has BEAUTIFUL hair! I wish mine could grow that long. And what the heck is a Krust Buster? Doesn't that do the same thing that a knife would do? And why didn't you just give Laura an old Dr.Pepper can with the top cut off and used yarn to cover the body of it...as a pen holder? And as for your American Idol microphone....Ahhh Yahhh....American Idol night baby!!!!

You have BEAUTIFUL friends!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm glad y'all had fun without me. I know it can be hard.

I wasn't too bummed about not going until Jeremy called to remind me I wasn't with you and you were STILL out being chatty girls.

Next time! Next time!!

Carolina said...

Me is Jealous...y'all had lots of fun!

And, what is this about you were mean when you were younger??

That couldn't possibly be true...oh wait, I seem to remember an incident in 7th grade choir in which you and your friends thought it would be funny to repeatedly hit my chair from behind!!!

Good thing I have since then forgiven you...

(Hope you have forgiven me too...)

Marnie said...

So sad I couldn't join in on all the GNO gyno fun! Looks like ya'll had a great time; and you do look young and hot!