Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Domestic Bliss

I'm still stranded. I felt like since I was locked in my house that I should probably clean it, like REALLY clean it. Not just a few sweeps, some stripes with the D and a little REALLY REALLY clean it with solutions and rags and suction tools on D. I've come to realize that my favorite cleaner is Windex. I should buy stock in Windex because I use it for everything. I use it to clean bathroom mirrors, bathroom counters, toilets, and my most recent use for it? Wood laminate floors. I had a swiffer duster spray for it but it left streaks and made the floor like INCREDIBLY slippery. Not good when you have heathens. So I googled how to clean wood laminate floors and someone said USE WINDEX! It has ammonia so it will dry faster and won't streak, smells good, and cleans the dirt! VOILA! Once again, my point has been proven that Windex is the magic cleaner for everything.
So my cleaning day was going pretty crappy. I was hungry but I didn't wanna stop and eat for fear that I would lose my steam and want to quit cleaning all together. THEN Austin's truck (which broke down last night but I couldn't help him because again...I was stranded) gets looked at by some dude that says it's gonna cost $350 to fix AND they can't get it done until tomorrow. So he calls me and tells me to call MY dealership that has MY car and tell them NOT to look at it because we HAVE to have ONE car. So he grabs that car and now his is in the shop and mine will have to wait...again. Bleh. Hopefully I can get it fixed in Texas. When it rains it pours, right?
LUCKILY, I hear a knock on my door and whoever could it be but SUMMER TO THE RESCUE!!! YAY!!! She came bearing gifts of chocolate and MORE chocolate to boost my energy! She even saw me in my dirtiest nastiest state. I not only SMELLED like poo poo but I LOOKED like poo poo too and she said she'll still be my friend.

Then, if that wasn't enough, she does THIS. See that empty corner there in my dining room? It used to be filled with toys and clothes that needed to be dropped off and SHE took them for me knowing that I wont have my car to be able to do it myself. What a loverly friend...even if she does have wet hair.

So because of my extra "help" today I was bustin HIGH tail and even though I didn't plan for a good dinner I quickly scanned the contents of my pantry and freezer and threw together and DEEE-licious chicken spaghetti and green beans on TOTAL last minutes notice. Am I the freakin bomb or WHAT?! Clean house...AND food. I know that's probably a usual theme in some of your homes but NOT I'm super proud of myself.

Boy do I feel good about myself right now.
I think I'll go drink another Dr Pepper.


Amanda said...

What a great day for you (besides the car mess!) Clean house and Food is does not happen daily in my house...and if one or the other happens it is a miracle!!!!!

Deanna said...

Way to go girl! Good food and a clean house is a rare occasion around here...especially since the little man's arrival (aka: my not-so-great sleeper). Drink a Dr. Pepper for me too!

Anonymous said...

I have a confession! I just totally stalked the first page of your blog! You
are hilarious and I feel like I've known you forever! lol
Craig was doing some studying...and would ask what I was doing...I told
him I was checking out your blog. Ten mintues later he replies..."Are you
still stalking"? lol I'll try not to be what you call a "silent viewer"! Hugs!

Goodnight moon said...

You should be very proud of yourself! You know that the only reason your really cleaning your house is because you know that I am going into it when I get in town! Thanks for cleaning for me!

Umm, I'm really not sure about the chicken spaghetti and green bean combo?!?! That sounds kinda gross! Hopefully none of your kids throws up tonight, I couldn't imagine what it would look like coming out!

Unknown said...

I love how you said that's not a theme for you! (Me too, shhhhh!)

I personally love diluted white vinegar for anything and everything cleaning related. It rocks!

Valinda said...

WoW! I don't think I've been that productive in years! Way to go sister!!! ;)

Jess said...

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Remember the dad loves to spray windex on's like his magic potion just like it is for you.

Sorry about the car situation--you'd better make it to Texas!

I saw your pops tonight, and I tried to get him to dance but he wouldn't. Oh well, I love your immitation so much I've been thinking about it all week!

Anonymous said...

Go J. Lowe, Go J. Lowe, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

Rock on! 3 Cheers for productivity!!!!!

By the way, pass on your recipe for chicken spaghetti (sometime today or tomorrow---so I can make it). I was just wishing I had a good recipe for that. I didn't even know it existed until the last few years.....I know, I know, somehow it never made it into my family's rotation.

Anonymous said...

I second Dena's request for your Chicken Spaghetti receipe. I've always wanted to try it out. And if your kiddos liked, my big kiddo might like it as well! (:

Carolina said...

Windex IS the greatest "ALL-PURPOSE" Cleaner in existence!!! I use if for everything (not like zits and wounds..hehe.) It truly is marketed wrong as "just" a window cleaner!
I'm proud of your domestic accomplishments how you've grown up :) :)
(This is coming from someone who would rather eat a half-stale bag of chips then get up and cook something decent..haha!)

Lindsay said...

it's a love/hate relationship with my domestic duties. I think if i lived in a place that wasn't so tiny and a bit depressing then i would LIKE doing these things more often. Enos and i are just children though.. we NEVER clean up after ourselves so we get stuck with a GIANT mess every saturday after cartoons. yeah yeah... i know. LEave me alone, we watch cartoons.

Laura said...

Dangit. I knew someone would beat me to a Big Fat Greek Wedding reference. Oh, and Miah drank all your Dr. Pepper. I can tell cuz he was looking extra caramel in those last pictures.