Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Oklahoma and Arkansas

After 18 hours of driving, one speeding ticket and some tired children our first stop on our adventure was Arkansas. We stayed with Austin's grandparents, Sharon and Jim, and spent three days visiting all of his extended family there and in Oklahoma. His Mom stayed at Sharon and Jim's too so it was fun for everyone to see her again. The kids got their first round of presents there and they couldn't have been more excited!

We visited his cousins in Oklahoma who all have kids and OUR kids had a ball playing with them.

The three girls who are all within 2 months of each other were inseparable (except when they fought but you gotta expect that from three girls, right?) They kept making up these "cheers" and doing them for everyone. Oh brother...

We had so much fun being his Austin's family, thank you Sharon, Jim and Regina for showing us a good time!

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Goodnight moon said...

Boy, I love all these blogs! So... your blogging instead of spending New Years with me? Nice Jessica, nice!!!