Monday, November 24, 2008

A List of PO-JUNK

1. I have to talk about this first because Amber is waiting patiently to find out what it is about her that I'm gonna say. So I'm making my own Thanksgiving this year for the first time ever. It's kinda scary but also exciting that I'm all in charge of everything. Austin has been saying that he REALLY wants a cherry pie and so I asked my good pal Amber about making one. She made one for her husband and I HAVE to one up her so I needed the recipe. So she tells me it's super easy, just get a pie crust, two cans of cherry's and BAKE and then it's done. She said I should even have like some flower strewn across the floor and on my cheeks so it looks like I really slaved. Well...I went to the commissary today to get all my Thanksgiving items and I found the ingredients for the pie.
Look this what you're talking about??

Sorry friend...I had good intentions but with 5million other mothers pushing and shoving to get Thanksgiving items I felt very overwhelmed and rushed so I grabbed what I could. Maybe next year? Don't be disappointed in me.
2. You wonder why I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to blog daily since I've moved? Maybe its because of my ghetto work area seen below.

The desk we used in Fburg was actually Jake's for HIS computer which is now up in his room so he can game all he wants but that leaves ME with no spot for MY puter. Keep in mind that this glass table is about 2' by 2' so it's a tight squeeze. I have to keep the keyboard on my lap while I type so I have room to move the mouse around at the same time. It's heinous. I would REALLY like to have something like this instead...

Which opens up to look like this...

Anyone wanna buy it for me?!?!?!
3. I bought these delicious cheese danishes at the Comm and since being home I've eaten three of them. They are SOOO good but now I feel sick.

4. I accidentally said 'yes' to paper bags at the comm and now I'm left with THIS mess. Amy and Lindsay...does this remind you of how mother used to throw her bags in the floor and we had to fold them up for her? Now I'm left with a huge stack of paper bags..what should I do with them all?? It all seems so 80ish, doesn't it?

5. SO there's a Toys R Us and Babies R Us here in this wonderful city that sit right next to each other "high on a mountain top". Well not really, but it seems that way. You drive up on them and they like SHINE with the sun behind them. It's like the major place to be so the babies here having MORE babies can take THEIR babies for fun. The whole city is kinda run down but this TRU and BRU combo seem to stand so proud and shiny. It's quite funny. I'll take a pic of it one day.
6. I COULD think of more to write but Amber keeps msg'ing me to HURRY so she can read all about herself and feel really good about usual. So bye.
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Goodnight moon said...

Gosh, who is this "Amber" girl?!? She sounds so awesome!!!! I need to met her once I move down there! Can you set that up for me? Thanks!

I also love how you spelled "flower"...silly girl, its..."flour", not "flower"!

Maybe you will get your computer desk/station, once I get my Nikon D60?

And I think that I still got you beat on feeling sick today. I only have 2 krispy kreme donuts left out of 12! Its all I've eatin all day today.

And I love seeing your computer desk area and your little red retro chair your mom bought you right beside it! See, I notice all the small things:)

Thanks for all 2 of my shout outs!

Froggylady said...

OK, it's totally cracking me up that Amber is correcting your spelling.

You can still spill some flour on the floor and pretend you did a little prep work for the cherry pie. :)

Laura said...

Ok I just picked up the Mrs. Smiths Cinnamon Apple Crumb Pie 15 minutes ago--to die for, according to others. I'm anti-cooked fruit. Weird, i know. And don't you know the homemaker-y thing to do is to wrap xmas presents with the inner side of the grocery bags and then let your kids decorate them. COME ON--personalized wrapping paper for free.
And I didn't even have to watch the video before I guessed that either you or Austin was going to fart and that's why you'd be laughing. Don't know why---just intuition. I should post the video I took a couple weeks ago where jeremy made a very raunchy 'your mom' joke cuz he didn't know it was on.

Vagabond Mother said...

I'm trying to get a computer thing kind-of, a little like that on craigslist today. Sweet.

You can make cowboy vests out of those paper bags. I did that for Ray's first birthday. Or a whole lot of hand turkeys. You know you want to.

It seems I'm moving as much as you lately. I must be in love.

Amanda said...

I am so happy to read your update:) Good luck on your Thanksgiving meal! I can't wait to see all the pictures from it and read all about it!
YOu do need a new computer desK:) Christmas??!! I wish I had my own laptop and I would paint an old desk we have a cool color and have my "office" up in the spare room---SOMEDAY i will have that! For know I have to use Steve's office---with a HUGE UGLY free office desk in it and all his crap! Why does the "office" in the house automatically always go to the man????? I pay all the bills!

David and Teresa said...



David and Teresa said...

Amber how observant of you. I went back to look at the picture and there was the leg of the "big feelings chair"...Yes, the Amber girl does appear awesome. You should meet her when you get there.
Jessica's mom

Valinda said...

Hey! That is the same way I make pie! Except the front says marie calendars. Ohh that is the computer desk from heaven, I hope somebody buys it for you. Good luck with the bags, you could let your kiddos make Indian costumes out of them and then you wouldn't have to fold them up.

Goodnight moon said...

Thanks Mutha Teresa!!! I do pride myself in being observant:) Hahaha! I LOVE the red retro chair because my grandpa use to have one of them in his kitchen when I was a kid!!! I LOVED that chair! My siblings and I would always fight over who got to sit in it. I'm not sure whatever came of the chair? I will be able to bring back memories of the chair once I steal it from Jessica's house! (I'll just have her neighbor let me in the house while she is gone one day, since she has a key and all;)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Smith rocks! And, from a fellow cherry pie lover, I predict Austin will gobble it up!

Anonymous said...

in fact, i'm heading to the store to get a turkey tonight....maybe i'll get a pie to bake for tomorrow.....mmmmmmm....i've been inspired...

Lindsay said...

why did mother yell her whole message?...anywho... yes i remember those days... i remember feeling drowned by them all. i NEVER get paper bags!.. i only get plastic so i can just pack them up in my little thing i got from IKEA to use later. Good luck making Thanksgiving. it should be fun... (and not at ALL stressful).

Lindsay said...

oh... ps... what's up with your background?

Anonymous said...

mrs. smith desserts are soooo yummy....good choice!!!

David and Teresa said...

I did not shout Pooh, I merely had the caps on and left it there. You should be nicer to your that sweet Amber was to me. I forgive you though since you are with child. Hey Jess did you make the babies fold up those paper bags like the Little Red Hen made you girls do?
Love you again, Mutha

David and Teresa said...

ok now I am going to buy a cherry pie tomorrow. Just looking at that picture made me want to take one to thanksgiving at Nana's. See what you have done to all of the readers of your blog. We are now obsessed with cherry is all that Amber's fault. Amber, if i gain weight i will find your tiny little bottom and spank it.

Anonymous said...

mutha, i JUST bought mine. got back from kroger's moments ago.... except i got sara lee because it was a whole 10 oz more for the same price. at this point, i'm all about quantity. it takes an hour to bake or i'd be baking it now. so, tomorrow i come!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina said...

1st-All becaus of your comment, I will give a second thought to appreciating the place where I grew up...or at least try.

2nd-Izey is the cutest...period! You should have no worries in that department!

3rd-My personal favorite is buying already made pies and taking the credit for making them! It makes me feel better..LOL!

Annnd...I'm completely in love with this computer desk...good stuff!

Annnd...what's with everyone hatin' on paper bags, I LOVE paper bags (with the handles). So much that if a store doesn't have them, I don't want to shop there!
..The End