Saturday, November 1, 2008

The last half of Halloween

So I went to Kora's school and basically what they did was play super scary Hallo music while all the kids from each class marched around this humongous field so all the parents could see their costumes. Kora acts so shy in front of all her friends, it was really weird to see her be so reserved. Her teacher was SOOO sad when I told her the news of Kora's last day being next week. She started tearing up RIGHT THERE in front of me. I told her that Kora loved her so much and she said in a sad shaky voice, "I know...I know she does!! I love her too!!" I was quite sad :( She's such a PERFECT teacher for Kora.

While I was standing with her teacher watching Kora interact with her friends, her teacher says to me, "You know, Kora is VERY p-o-p-u-l-a-r with the b-o-y-s" I was like..oh great.

After school we changed the kids into NEW costumes, least two of them, and we were off to our next Halloween adventure. Amber invited us over for sloppy joes and then trick or treating in her neighborhood of fabulously rich houses. Here is our group of rowdy crazy heathens. We had a red vampire princess, little red riding hood, princess leia, venom, two bobba fett's and one tiny batman!!!
Not pictured were a flower, sock monkey and an Emmalyn Ro!

The girlies were the fastest treaters...they ran from house to house!

The boys just looked like deer in headlights.

Miss Emmalyn hung on to her daddy. Her mom was hiding from all pictures.

And the flower just chilled.

I was too lazy to take care of my own kids so I mad Matt carry them.

Amber took our family picture but with me in mid talk and Miah holding his crotch it turned out just like a family with 397 ppl in it would. I KNOW if Amber had her Nikon D60 that she wants someone to buy her the picture would have turned out PERFECTLY.

The night was SOOO fun and I'm soooo glad we have awesome friends!!!


Goodnight moon said...

I'm so glad that you all decided to come over and make my house a mess for the 2nd night in a row! I guess that gives me something to do while my husband is gone...but I'll wait until the day before he comes home to do it again so that "he really DOES believe me when I said that I cleaned it". (Oh, and you won't be invited over then, sorry, not until he actually see's with his own eyes. I'm thinking that he really didn't believe you and Bonnie, you were laying it on pretty thick.)

The kids had such a great time!!! We will have to do it again next year in Trashville, and then we can follow the night up with a bonfire in my backyard!!!

And thanks for the shout out for my camera! Maybe one of your family or friends will buy me one and send it to me! That would be so awesome! I would be so thankful!!!

Valinda said...

What great fun! Did Kora ever mention what Paul thought of her dress? Moving all ready?? Yikes but I can't wait to see more pictures of your fabulous house!

redheadsmom said...

I love the family picture. Candid shots are the best. When Miah is older he will either be really embarrassed or really proud of himself. :)

Heidi said...

This is Heidi, Summer gave me your blog and told me all about your cute family!! We look forward to you coming to good 'ol Jacksonville. It really is a great place. We have been here just a few months and love it. Looking forward to meeting you all - Loves - Heidi

Froggylady said...

OK, so your kids are cute and all but I just want to gobble up Miss Emmalyn! Her slacker mom needs to post more pictures of her for me to drool over.

I hope somebody buys Amber her camera so that I don't have to look at any more pictures of your son holding his crotch.

Jess said...

Look at your cute family! I love your Halloween garb. Kora is the cutest princess ever (princess in pink or princess Leia, doesn't matter.)

Nate & Brad were pirates. Grandma sewed up some pretty first rate costumes. You already know that I can't sew at all--poor kids. Adam was a duck. I need to send ya some pics.


Aymee said...

I love the family picture. Miah, what a character. That photo just adds to my crush on that little man. Kora looks WAY better than the real Princess Leia. She looks beautiful. And Trav was really excited to see Jake as Bobba Fett. Tell Miah I totally knew he was Venom from the moment I saw his costume, awesome! I'm glad it was such a beautiful day and Kora was able to wear her dress out and not have to have a jacket on, she looks stunning:) That little Isaak is SO cute. I love his costume, perfect for that little monkey.

Laura said...

Isaak looks like he was attacking Leia's buns. So you're moving this week?