Thursday, October 16, 2008

Junk from the home of the sick skunk

1. My Izey slept MUCH better last night. He only woke up 3 times and went right back to sleep after I held him for a little bit. This morning he was smiling and I was able to lay him down and do some things without him freakin out and whining. I think all will be well it's just scary to know that things weren't normal. I still wanna know why his blood count was so high and I should find out before lunch time. I'll be sure to post.

2. So my favorite treat (introduced to me by Amy's Wedding Jess), Hershey's 100 calorie pretzel bars, is sitting here staring at me but I can't have any. Wanna know why? I bought a box of them, opened them up and EVERY pak in the box (there are 7) was rotten. The chocolate was all grey and ashy lookin. I was so mad...I wanted one so bad and no bleh. I called Hershey's to complain but they aren't open yet. I'll call later today and hopefully they will send me 100 more boxes to my doorstep to make up for their bad. Hehehe

3. This morning Kora came into my room dressed in a church dress for school. I knew right away something was up. I asked her why she was all perty and she just smiled and said that another girl wore a dress to school so she knows you can wear dresses. uh huh...SUUUURE. It's a boy and by the time I dropped her off at school I had pryed from her that his name is Paul and she likes him because he's cute. BUT, not cute enough to remember the color of his hair when I asked. She said she will look at it today and tell me later. I told her it's okay to think boys are cute, I like dad cuz HE'S cute but you shouldn't chase them or kiss them until you get much MUCH older. She just covered her mouth like she was gonna gag. Yea, she played it off real nicely.

4. I LOVE my house..have I said that yet?

5. K so here's the plans for the holidays. After we move in we will all drive to Texas for the rest of the month of November. We'll spend a week or so in Rockwall and then some time in Oklahoma too to visit Austin's family I THINK. He mentioned he wanted to go there but I'm not sure if that's still in the plans. Christmas we will spend in NC alone in our cute little house by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa and wearing our nightcaps. Hehehehe. it should be cozy and fun all at the same time. I can't wait!

6. This list of junk sucks. I thought I had more to talk about, guess not. Sorry.


Valinda said...

#2 I wrote Cheesecake Factory an email after my awful birthday experience and they sent me $50 to make up for it! Good luck with Hershey's.

Anonymous said...

And, my chicken breasts were in pieces and pilgrim's pride just sent me coupons for TWO free bags.....just got them this morning....$12 of free chickie. Yippee! I'm sure Hersheys'll give you the hook up!

Yeah for your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the blog about you all in your nightcaps.

And, where's the picture of Kora in her dress ready to mac on Paul. I love it! Tell her not to chase, kiss, or show him her seductive moves. :)

SO glad Isaak feels better and it closer to himself this morning. It's always scary when the doodleheads get that sick ESPECIALLY when they're so little and cute.

Vagabond Mother said...

Of course I tagged you! It's your fate to always be "tagged."

Thanks for your email. Sorry that Isaak has been so sick, doesn't it break your heart and wear you out?

Hope everything is well for baby soon.

Lindsay said...

yeah... this list is wimpy... but at least Izey is better... that's all i care about... and can i just say that chocolate covered pretzels are my FAVORITE snack EVER? because they are... and every time i buy Flipz pretzels (the dark chocolate ones are the best... they are so perfect even though i don't usually LIKE dark chocolate)... but yeah... every time i buy them i end up with an empty bag at WAY too early a time. mmm... wow.. this post is too long... it's all Tara-y. hehe... love you tara.

Aymee said...

So glad to hear that sweet Isaak is on the up-and-up. I must say, I LOVE your house too! It is going to be so lovely. I love that Kora's got a crush, that is so cute...oh I remember those crushes. I especially liked it because my boyfriend (in 3rd grade) would leave little gifts on my desk all the time so when I showed up for class there would be a gift lying on my desk (some cheap thing he got with the "claw" at Pizza Hut probably, but it's the thought that counts, right?) Now my crush is even better because I get to "sleep" with him...and his gifts are way better than a cheap lead-filled bracelet. Okay, so I wrote a book too, sorry.

David and Teresa said...

Well I did not think any of that was sucky. I loved it all. I am a bit sad about the Christmas but I understand. That will be fun for you all.

Love mother