Wednesday, September 10, 2008


WOW, amazing amount of comments, I'm totally impressed. Why don't you all comment on ALL of my posts and make me feel loved when I receive 26 emails per post each day??? huh????
This contest was supposed to end tomorrow night, but since we do have a winner, it will end right now.
First let's go over the choices so I can elaborate!

No, I have NEVER been snow skiing. As a kid we always did beach vacations. I never have had the desire to ski because I hate cold weather. I hate snow. I hate ice. If I never go skiing before I die, I'll be perfectly fine with that.

No, I don't grow hair in my armpits...ANYMORE. I used to, but not much. Like Lindsay said it was like 2 or 4 random strands and only in my right pit. With the birth of each child I lost another strand and since having Isaak I have yet to see any hair grow from that region of my body. I have the pits of a 5 year old but I'm not complaining!

No, I never EVER eat the last bite of my meals. It's just a mental thing. I'm not sure if I've always done that, but ever since I can remember I have. For some reason it grosses me out to finish the last bite, even if I'm still hungry. It's the one bite that's been sitting on my plate getting old the entire length of the meal or the one bite on the burger I've been holding and it's had my hands all over it the entire time. Now, this applies only to full meals. I will eat entire snacks, candies or deserts!

Yes, I DID run away once for three months. I didn't PLAN on running away, but it ended up that way. When I was like 17 or 18 I took off with a friend to Southbeach Miami for a week long trip. We drove straight through (well, 'I' drove...) 23 hours hyped up on no dose pills and cokes. After a week of being there, we made friends, got jobs and called our families to say we weren't coming home. No, this should NOT be a blog post of it's own because the full story with all the details is WAAAY too scandalist for my own good. I plan on one day making a blurb book of my blog for my children to read and this isn't something I'm extremely proud of so I'd like to keep it tucked away in the back of my memory. Use your imagination (but be very VERY creative).

Yeah so after reading many of your comments I'm not feeling so odd about the poop thing. It's good to know I'm not the only clogged person out there.

I can't believe so many of you chose the pain one. I DO love pain. I admit, I whine. I'm a whiner. A HUGE whiner. I love to whine because I love the attention it gives me..hehe, but honestly, I DO love pain. Something about it just makes me crave it.

Yes, I DID used to eat crickets. Wanna kiss? Haha. When I was a little kid (not sure of the age, mother you can step in and give details) I used to think that crickets were chocolate on the floor so I'd grab them and stuff them in my mouth and EAT them. Mmmmm.

Yes, I'm my best friend. I love to make up conversations with myself and even role play with myself in the mirror when I'm doing my hair or makeup or washing my face at night. I makeup monologues and pretend I'm in a movie and sometimes even fake cry or act like I've just been caught stealing or I've caught a bad guy in my house and I'm about to shoot him. I love to talk to myself when I'm in the car and I've even been caught by my children several times when they ask, "Mom, who are you talking to?" I'm a freak, I just love drama.

I'm surprised that some of you chose the Marine Officer. Do you think I'm a wimp? I would TOTALLY love to be a big bad Marine girl that could keep up with the guys, do pullups, run humps, shoot guns, poop behind trees and cover it like a cat, get dirty and grimey and be all tough and totally cool about everything. I only WISH I had the courage, the strength, and the determination to do that. The honor that comes with wearing that uniform has got to feel fantastic! I would love that. I would love to be a Marine.

So that's everything, right? Oh wait...the traffic tickets. Dad, I TOTALLY set this up for you to win and you completely crashed!! Out of ANYONE who reads my blog, you'd think my Insurance Agent would know if I was getting 2 or more traffic tickets a year, right? COME ON!! I haven't had a ticket in several years. Maybe 4 total in my whole driving career!!! I'm so disappointed in you Dad!!! I admit, I'm a freakin crazy driver, but I'm GOOD. Now, that being said I'll probably get a ticket this weekend.

Soooooo.......AMANDA!!!! YOU ARE MY WINNER!!!! You're the first person to guess #3 so you get the prize! I do have to ask who the anonymous comment was that also guessed #3...was it you Marie?

Not sure what the prize is YET. I'm looking into a few different options. I'll be sure to post when I decide because I want everyone to know what Amanda will get so they'll be stoked about the next big bad contest I have next! Now remember, not ALL my prizes are wonderful, only the ones I SAY will be, wonderful? Most of them are meaningless Lowe family prizes but we all love to get packages don't we? Even if it is just some junk! I'll have a decision on the prize some time next week. Thanks for playing!! Love you all!!

ps...I know what Lindsay and Enos are having. Do you? heheheheHAHAHHHHAHAHHA!!!!


Anonymous said...

Give it up chick! You're going to be an aunt of two boys or two girls........???????????

Amanda said...

now I must go check Lindsay's blog:)

Amanda said...

WHY ISN'T LINDSAY TELLING! I must go to bed now:(

Amanda said...

If ya love pain so much ya should have done no drugs w/ Isaak! It would have been the biggest pain rush of your life! Or I can send you a Kidney Stone or two! HA!

David and Teresa said...

I am such a loser. Didn't even think about checking your driving record. I know you don't get that many tickets. You also can talk your way out of them. Oh well. I am still a winner because you are my Daughter. Love Dad

raschel said...

Your dad's comment made me smile.

and i'm glad nothing BAD happened at Lindsay's apptmt...i was starting to freak b/c I've checked her blog like 500 times today. Is it twins? That would be awesome.

David and Teresa said...

If I had played the game in time I would have won probably because I am yo mama and I know lots about you...even the running away details to Miami...SCARY!!!!!!!! Love you cricket eating, marine wanna be, non pooing,hairless pitted, pain loving talker to yourself because no one else will, thin because you don't eat your last bite child of mine. Mutha

Unknown said...

DANG! And I am very aggravated not to know what Lindsay is having.

I say you blog about your running away and then delete it. The curiosity is going to drive me nuts.

Lindsay said...

Check my blog!!! it's updated!!! and i already knew the answer to these because we talked... but i AM a loser.

Keyo said...

yes..ur non-friends blog lovers here also want to read the blog post about ur 3 month running away time!! that would be super awesome to read i bet!! :) i am a sucker for ur posts..

Jess said...

So much to learn about you! This was a really fun post. But I'm on the bangwagon requesting a post abt your running away. Perhaps I should ask your mom for details? Just kidding. Do a post and delete it later as suggested!

Anonymous said...

some things better left unblogged for all the world and posterity to see..... i don't see anyone else raising their hands to share decisions they are least proud of.

besides, you give us lots of day to day news and laughs...i know the runaway story and it doesn't even come close to cool contests and hairy eyebrows. :) But, what could?

Anonymous said...

oh, by the way.....we're swimming in the Sea of Peni! yeah for Enos and Lindsay!

Laura said...

Be nice to your dad--he was just in shock about you posting your poopoo schedule to think clearly.

You're afraid of spiders but you used to eat their brother, the cricket? sad....

Valinda said...

Ya know that one did seem to stick out, I figured you would have mentioned getting a ticket on your blog cause you did mention the accident and those evil mexicans in the truck. Oh well I got caught up in all the other oddness that is you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I would really like to say yes..that was me that guess #3 so I could get a prize in the mail!!!But, darn it! I can't make myself do it, so nope that anonymous gal wasn't was a fun little quiz though, I have a couple of interesting things about you that I never knew and that was fun!


Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean to say I have learn a couple of things about you..:)
BTW, I haven't got any email from you anymore? Everyone loves to receive mails you know, it makes them feel like Christmas.... remember what you said??:)