Monday, September 15, 2008

A Spotlight Second

(the talented dress maker)
Every now and then I'm going to surprise you for a spotlight second and this time it's for my friend Valinda! With my favorite holiday just around the corner, who better to spotlight than my trusty costume creator. This lady is amazing people! She can make anything whether it be a princess costume, a cute Easter dress, a tough pirate, or the wardrobe for the musical AIDA which she just finished, wow! She is the owner of Once Upon A Costume which is the company I used to create my one of a kind Princess dresses for my Princess Business I recently sold. Her work is quality work, you won't be disappointed! Be sure to visit her site and browse around, you will be amazed at how true to life the dresses are. She also has a business blog that you can check out to see what she's currently working on and her past projects because she's not only limited to the creations on her website, she can make just about anything you request!
Here are some of the dresses she's made for her kids and some friends. I'm in the process of using her to make a beautiful princess dress for Kora that is gonna be totally BLING'D OUT with pink and sparkles and MORE pink and more sparkles, I can't wait! Kora is so excited! I personally love that turquoise dress in the picture from the new movie Enchanted, isn't it precious!?
Here's a sample of her grownup princess dresses that she made for me.
Doesn't it make you wanna dress up!?

So go check her out, visit her site, visit her blog and use her for any costume or outfit need (she can also strum up some darling little girl tops and bottoms)!

She's great at her work and I'd recommend her to everyone!


Paige said...

Wow! Can she make my waist look that tiny too?

Karen Valinda said...

Valinda is willing to work from drawings by kids to create their idea of the 'perfect' princess dress... and uses fabrics you can wash and that will hold up to more than one wearing! She truly does an amazing job.

David and Teresa said...

valinda is VERY talented!!! I was wondering who Valinda was as she commented on your blog and now I know. Mother

redheadsmom said...

Hey, it really is the same tile! I don't know why the color is off. I even pointed out the uneven tiles for proof. Ask Valinda! BTW everyone, the cute redhead in this post belongs to me!

Valinda said...

Hey ur super awesome! Any orders I get referred from u gets you $15 off ur blingy Snow White :)
Thanks again for the props - my favorite customer!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. Those are AMAZING. I can't believe how talented she is! Before I get too excited though... where is the price list??

Tara said...

OH MY!!! That dress is GORGEOUS Jess!!! She is so talented!!! There is so much talent and creativity humming all around you between yourself, your family, and your friends. Do you know how lucky you are!?! Says a lot about you that such cool people want to be your friend, eh? :)

Lindsay said...

wow... i knew she was good because i've seen the costumes in real life but sheesh... that woman is really talented... it DOES make me contemplate getting a costume made for the future... obviously not THIS year since i'll be a bit swollen. but i'd LOVE to be everyday belle!!! it's a lot easier and less embarrassing now that i have my ear.