Saturday, September 20, 2008

Junk on a Saturday Funk

1. I've FINALLY decided what I'll be sending to Amanda for winning my quirks contest! I was at Dicks today and found the perfect gift for her seen below...

Just kidding, I know everyone needs one of those but it'll have to wait. They only had one left and I wanted it for myself. So the REAL gift will be homemade deliciousness (there's that word again that isn't a word but should be) made by none other than ME. Yummy Nieman Marcus Cookies!!! I'll overnight them so they'll be fresh. I'm gonna make them tomorrow and send them off Monday along with all the other prizes I owe (I'm such a slacker I'm sorry, just been busy Sheriece and Jessica). If you haven't had these you're in for a yummy treat, they are the BEST BEST ever (cookies with oatmeal, the best choco chip plain goes to D. Snipes) invented! Hopefully these will be your breakfast for the beginning of this next week Amanda!

2. So awhile back Jake's bike got ganked (is that how you spell that?) and he's been bike-less for the last few weeks. We usually lock the bikes up every night but didn't that night for some reason because we forgot and that just happened to be the night someone decided they wanted his bike. Stupid. It made me mad but whadya do? We scoured the neighborhood to find it but it's gone. So today I told Austin to take Jake to Walmart and buy him a new one. Here's what he picked out. Pegs and all! He thinks he's real cool huh? We won't be forgetting to lock up the bikes anymore, I can guarantee you that!

3. Yesterday Fedex brought me a pretty little package. Inside was this little beauty! Austin surprised me with a new nano for my birthday!! I LOOOOVE it! It's gonna be my new workout friend (since my current one is leaving me for Southern Cali instead of Hawaii - loser. No, that doesn't mean we know where we're going so don't ask me that. I'll let you know when I know). I used to have an iPod mini but I never used it and sold it a couple years ago. Now that I'm all into itunes and workin out and gettin totally buff (hah) I can't wait to use it. I promise I won't sell this one! OH and my birthday isn't until Oct. 6 (write that down in your calendars and I expect to see gifts arriving starting Monday) but I told him since I got it early he'll have to give me aNOTHER thing on my actual birthday so I won't feel sad. heheh! Love you Hippo!

4. My tiny little nut of a baby boy isn't so tiny anymore :( He turned 3 months today! Doesn't he look super fantastically yummy in this cute getup? Even though he's wearing pastels (Lindsay), his head is flat and his ear is jacked up, I LOVE every bit and piece of him. I don't think it's humanly possible to create a more perfect baby boy (sorry everyone who has a baby boy or is expecting one).
Milestones for Isaak at 3 months are:
He smiles ALL the time. The girls in the co-op always tell me that he just laughs and smiles the whole time I'm working out.
He follows you around the room with eyes and turns his head to find you.
He sleeps through the night.
He eats 5.5oz at each feeding.
He takes ABOUT 3 naps a day most of which is in his car seat.
He coos and sings.
He has a cradle crap (I mean cap).
He loves his paci and sucking on his right fist.
He loves to hold on to Mommy's hair.
He loves to ride in my wrap in the hip hold around the house.
He loves TV and especially football and watching Jake's video games.
His breath is tastier than Nieman Marcus cookies.
He LOVES the bath (still) and it always puts him right to sleep afterwards.

5. Here's my 3 month old telling you all about how hard life is being Isaak Keith. Yes Bonnie, that's a big fat pile of clean clothes I have to fold and YES it's in the video for everyone to see. You gonna do something about it?!

6. I need some more blog followers people!! I know you're out there, just reading, and loving and relishing so FOLLOW ME!! Look on my left sidebar and click the link to be my follower! Do it if you really love me!

7. So our duty station. Yeah. We were supposed to find out a week ago but they jacked things up for the attorneys and they all had to resubmit their choices to start over. Now they are saying weeks before we find out? Whatever. I'll be blogging about it when I find out but until then, I have NO CLUE when we really will know. It's the Marine Corps, whadya expect?!

8. Congrats to all those in Delta Company that received their MOS's on Friday!! I'm so happy for you all! These guys worked really hard to get the job they wanted and it truly paid off for them! D. Snipes - Humint, M. Alvis - Infantry, K. Jones - Infantry, just to name a few. Way to go guys! Now you can take it easy for the last 7 weeks of TBS!

9. My weight loss and workout program has been progressing nicely. I haven't lost a single pound in three weeks BUT I've been measuring each week and the inches are disappearing so I'm just gaining muscle (aww yea!). It feels so good to be healthy, it makes such a HUGE difference throughout the day. I'm so much less tired and have more energy which is a necessity with 4 grubs. I really need to work on my eating because I'm so sporadic with eating that it's making my body hold fat longer I think. It's hard to find time to eat with everything going on but I'm gonna try super hard to eat every meal PLUS snacks in between to keep my metabolism pumpin! I went to the store and bought a bunch of healthy snacks (nuts, yogurt, cheese, granola bars)that are easy to just grab and eat so I won't be lazy and skip. It should make a big difference that I'll be able to see on the scale in a month or so.

10. What a nice round number to end on. I'd like to use #10 to tell the world that NO those were NOT my dirty nails in the joker picture, are you kidding me??? That would be my dirty grub #1 named Jake - my accomplice in the smashing Izey episode.


Anonymous said...

Ah, you DID fit all that in! Well, almost all of it, but close enough... and why is it that you keep your work-out pawtna a secret? You ashamed or somethin'!? Anyway, it is so funny that you mentioned the pile of clothes cause that was the first thing I noticed. And then I noticed that your son is NOT cooing at you; he is quite obviously pleading for his life or dignity (which ever). He looks scared to death in that video... cute, but scared!

David and Teresa said...

That sucks about Jakob's bike. Tell Jakob that Paw Paw got a bike for Christmas and I rode it to school the first day back. My Mom failed to buy me a lock for it and it got stolen that day at school. I walked all the way home looking for it and crying. There are some really cruel people out there in the world but thankfully Jakob has some really neat parents to fix things up. Love Dad

raschel said...

Captain adorable is RIGHT. He is so cute!

David and Teresa said...

I think I heard Isaak actually say, "mawmaw" in that little video. Now I just hate bad people. Anyone who would steal my Jakob's bike is not a friend of mine. Ugh!!!!!!!!! If I was there i would beat them up Jakob. Sorry sweetest boy in the world. Miah and Isaak and Aidan that does not mean you are not sweet, it only means that Jakob is the sweetest 8 year old I know. Heck! Jakob is the sweetest 8, 9, 10 and above year old I know. I wish I could give him one of my wet kisses that he hates so much right NOW!! Mawmaw

Anonymous said...

do you share the recipe for the cookies? i've heard of them, but never had 'em

Amanda said...

I AM SO EXCITED about those cookies!!!!!! YEAH!!!! I have never had them:) I can't wait for my breakfast to arrive:)

Love your blog even more now Jessica:)

Lindsay said...

I'm jealous... i want cookies.... oh well.. i guess that's what i get for calling to find out the answer. Izey is so PRE-ecious! yes... EVEN in pastels... i want to talk to him about things... he seems to know a lot. I hope Lucas is HALF as cute as Isaak because honestly... that's just too much cute for one boy.

Lindsay said...

oh... ps..i called you the other day to find out about where you were going... so yeah.. that's why i didn't call back.... cuz you don't know yet... you BETTER call me as SOON as you find out or i'm gonna be pissed.

Burns Family said...

Wow, bike stolen, that is terrible! Congrats on your workout/weight loss. Isaak is soo cute, it is amazing how fast they grow! Enjoy using your ipod, love the color! That toilet seat is too funny. Is it for long car trips? ;)

Tara said...

Ohhhhh, those cookies look SOOOOO yummy! One of these days, I'm going to send you one of the little trinkets I make, and in exchange, I want some cookies, ok?
Sorry about Jake's bike, same thing happened to Jade in Vegas, it's not a good feeling.
Isaak is ADORABLE! I have yet to see a flat head Jess, maybe his head is just not as round as the other kids when you compare? He is so cute with all his baby sounds. I SO wish I had caught Eddie talking at that stage. I still have to get his little words he says when he signs.
And good for your with the gym! Way to go, honestly! I know that is hard, but it says a lot about you that get up and get it done every day. I have yet to do that, but I hope when the madness of this months is over, I will follow your example. :)
btw- I have you on my blog list so I am notified when you post something new. Is that the same as being a "follower"? :)
So when are you going to post some cute pictures of YOU with the kids?

Unknown said...

That baby is SO CUTE! What an awesome iPod! I like the port-o-potty!

Also, I had a dream about your freaking BLOG last night!!! How freaky is THAT!? I dreamt that you wrote an entire blog post to chastise me for being a bad blogger and a bad blog follower!! Maybe I need to get out more...

Laura said...

interpretation of Isaak's cooing= "mom, seriously? all the other babies are making fun of that silly high pitched voice that you talk to me in...could you lay off a bit? And STOP SMOOSHING and stretching my face and taking pictures of it. It's humiliating."
And p.s. Aidan had jacked up little elf ears as a baby but they somehow morphed into total normal, perfect ears.

Amanda said...

I don't know anything about this blog followers thing! What do I do?