Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Junk Poo

1. Kora has become my official "mail getter". She loves to grab my keys, run to the box, unlock it, and bring me the mail. It's probably not the best job for her because 1. My keys could get lost. I only have ONE single key to my truck between me and Austin and if it gets lots I'm totally screwed. and 2. I probably lose pieces of my mail as she carries it home because she can only carry about two loose papers at once. BUT, I can't help but let her get it because she's just so dang cute about it. Today she said, "Mom, I can get your mail for you whenever you need it because I'm really good at it. Even if you're naked one day and you need to get the mail, I can get it for you." Because I can't COUNT how many times I've been sittin around, naked, and needed the mail right then. I mean...could I ask for more?

2. Austin is gone all this week in the field and I miss him :( They are doing attacks on other platoons, sleeping in holes they dug themselves, pooping behind trees and then covering it like cats, and eating beef jerky, uncooked ramen noodles and maybe a nasty MRE every now and then, all in the rain and mud. Before he left he said to me, "The whole world has NO idea what I'm doing for them this week." SO...for Austin's dedication to his country...I'm telling the whole world RIGHT NOW what he's doing this week. There.

3. The school pickup situation is driving me INSANE!!! Kora's school is good about it. They are fast, efficient and nice. Jake's is slow, unorganized and sloppy. Anyone ever heard of walkie talkies?

4. In 11 days I can no longer say that Isaak is 2 months. :(

5. So Sunday we get all ready for church, hair is fixed, clothes are ironed. A lot of preparation goes into getting our family ready so when we arrived ON TIME and saw not a single car in the parking lot, we were quite disappointed. I felt like all my work to get everyone ready was wasted. I told Austin to take us to another church, SOMETHING so our efforts wouldn't be for nothing. He refused. Instead he took us on a Sunday drive and then to our favorite Philly Cheese Steak Place...which was also closed. Twilight Zone? Or maybe just a message?

6. I'm really enjoying my workout! On Thursday, I'll get all my stats checked again to see my progress. I keep weighing myself on a million different scales and they all say different things so I don't know what's true or not. Austin made me a fabulous training program that includes my cardio and weights so I'll soon be buff! I'm usually such a bum about getting to the gym, but with accountability (a gym partner) and competitive scenery (Marines also working out) I can't complain! I only wish the CUTEST Marine could work out with me.

7. I hate laundry. It's the never ending devil.

8. Congratulations to my Fort Worth friend DENA!!! She found out today that she will add a THIRD BOY to her clan. Lindsay, my little sister, finds out tomorrow what she's having!

9. There has been a hideous poop aroma floating around my downstairs the last few days. I can't find it anywhere. I have no idea what's causing it. I cleaned the toilet, the garbage disposal, took out all the trashes, checked under the couch, sprayed Lysol in every crevasse, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned out the pantry, threw away all leftovers in the fridge, bathed myself (in case it was me) and vacuumed. STILL, there is a smell. I'm worried there may be a part two to the rat saga.

10. I've been crying over silly things all day today. I haven't cried since I left Texas. I'm pinning this on mother nature and the gift she brings me each month.

11. I've got a post I wanna do soon but my dumb scanner isn't working and this post requires pictures from old. I'm bummed. I want a new scanner/copier/printer/faxy thingy. I want the one Amy has. My birthday is soon. Hint.

12. Yesterday was my first day working in the co-op at the gym. The kids were all pretty good and the two hours flew by really fast. Since I couldn't work out there (because the co-op is only open during that time) I went home and did my Taebo DVD. Lemme just say that Billy Blanks kicked my fat butt yesterday and I'm feelin it SO BAD right now. I didn't realize I was so out of shape. I used to do the ADVANCED workout in my sleep and I could barely get through the beginner workout yesterday. I stopped about 5 minutes before the end because I honestly thought I was going to puke. It felt good though...I love it when you work out so hard you wanna puke.

13. What's for dinner? I have no clue.


redheadsmom said...

So many thoughts...So little time. I love the cat mental picture you painted. I am feeling queasy about the poo smell myself. I am feeling inspired to work out more, and yes the puke sensation at least lets you know it's doing something right?

Laura said...
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Laura said...

1)you're not supposed to get the mail naked? 2) sounds like any weekend at my house 3)home school?! 4)time for another one then 5)you could've driven here in 22 short hours and I would've made you cheese steaks 6) barf--you're making me feel fat b/e i haven't worked out in...ever 7) i'll wash the laundry but you have to put it all away 8) BOYS everywhere. i'm not having another one till girls are popping up 9) look for rotten sippy cups under everywhere 10) see number 4--that'll solve this one 11) if you don't score on your birthday, on black friday they always have those things on sale 12) I'd like to kick Billy blanks in the butt 13)I've been guilted into Chick-fil-A spirit night. Join us eating fried greasiness.

Anonymous said...

I hate hate hate speaking to Customer Service Representatives on the phone. I know that is completely random, but I happened to be on hold while I was reading your blog. And because I am so irritated with this stupid lady on the phone that honestly, I don't care what you said. I am so mad that I am using my comment space to vent. GAH! What have I become! I will comment appropriately when I have calmed down. Sorry!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

B - this is my reasoning for you getting your own blog. see..you'd have something interesting to blog about if you had one!! stop stealing mine to word vomit in. haha!!!!

Amanda said...

What was up with church??? Stake Conference? I would have been mad too!

U R insane for working out and working the co-op! But u will look great and I will not!

Paige said...

Amen Jess - Bonnie needs a blog.
1. Sunday was stake conference. It would make sense that you're in our stake and you know that building you told me was the Stake Center?...it's not. FYI (just found out myself on Sunday thanks to trusty GPS).
2. Check the bottom of shoes for dog poo. It always gets stuck there for years until you finally burn the shoe.
3. I'm glad you told the world about what our hubbies are doing. The world oughta know.
4. There's nothing wrong with reading the mail naked. Don't be ashamed.

David and Teresa said...

Dear Baby
Oh yeah when you all lived here that is why Kora started getting the mail for me....I was hanging out around the house naked and she offered one day and then it just blossomed into her doing it everyday. You are right about only carrying 2 pieces at once and dropping the rest...she did that here...remember? Hmmm I sure miss only getting 2 pieces of mail every day and also getting late charges for not paying all my bills on time (because they were lost) hahahahah Love you all Mawmaw aka Mutha

Valinda said...

Hey!! My birthday is soon too and I also want a new scanner/copier/printer/faxy thingy too!! I however will not be anymore fit or weigh any less on my birthday. Ohh I sooo hope it's not another rat I might cry for you. Let Austin know I definitely appreciate what he's doing for the world this week. I entertain my neighbors daily by getting the mail naked it's good for confidence and calls to the police.

Vagabond Mother said...

I remember when I was Kora's age- I started not only getting our mail, but our neighbor's as well.

Tara said...

Good job on the gym! You will be back to your old self in no time!!! I'm still a squishy bum, it's stupid. You are inspiring, way to go! #13 is my life.