Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Phew....I gotta lot to show you!

This is pretty much just a big 'ole list of junk cuz it's all random stuff just thrown into one post. Sorry for the lack of organization, but I don't have a WHOLE lotta time on my hands these days so get over it.

1. Isaak is STILL so freaking cute and I can't stop taking about a MILLION pictures of him a day. My camera is full of pictures of him! So far, he's been my only child that actually LIKES his paci, none of my others would take it. I think that's so cute! I love his little plugged face.

2. Sleep is still sparse, but I manage to grab a nap here and there when he does. The kids are pretty good about playing on their own and letting mom rest. Except when Kora grabs the camera and snaps a shot of me snoozing.

3. Ike loves to lay in his bassinet or on my bed between feedings and just stare at the ceiling. He has 2-3 pretty long periods during the day that he's really alert and wide-eyed. Kora decided one day that he needed more to stare at than just the dust gathering on the fan so she grabbed every baby toy she could find and hooked it to his bassinet shade. Talk about over stimulation! This was the equivalent of Isaak drinking about 4 cokes, he was awake for hours!! (not really)

4. Tara has been generous enough to let me borrow her wrap which I'm loving and I also ordered one from Sleepy Wrap which I love as well. I like the fabric of Tara's more because it's WAY cooler and breathable, but I like the stretchiness of the Sleepy Wrap. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to go on a mass fabric hunt for Tara's fabric, I may just tough it out with the thicker one. Either way, I'm enjoying the use of it and so is Isaak. Here he is being absolutely ADORABLE sleeping in his wrap while I enjoy some tasty grub.

5. On Thursday we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a 4th of July party on the 3rd. The kids LOVED splashing around in her blow up pool. Miah and Lauren had fun jumping on PawPaw because what good is a PawPaw if you can't jump on him, right?

6. After the party, I took the kids to the airport to pick up my sweet lover! We enjoyed having him home this weekend and playing with us, but it's always bittersweet because we all know he won't be here for long and he has to go back. There's always so much we want to do while he's here and we end up wearing ourselves out each day trying to fit it all in.

7. On Friday we went to see Wall-E which was precious! Saturday was Lauren's rella party and then afterwards we went to the outlet mall to get Austin some shirts and shoes. That evening, my parents took the kids and we went on a date. My favorite place...MI COCINA!!! YUM!! Unfortunately, we weren't alone on the date. A fly joined us in the salsa, but we didn't mind, we're used to having kids all over us so this was nothing!

8. Austin was proud of how well Kora has been helping out with Isaak. She begs to change his diaper and even loves doing the poopy ones!! She only uses about 62 wipeys for each change so he's nice and clean afterwards. Isaak doesn't enjoy her changes so much because they take too long and he ends up with scoliosis by the time it's over.

9. On Sunday evening we had Amy and David over and we gave Isaak his baby blessing at the house. It was nice having everyone together at one time. It's been quite a while since that happened. The blessing was perfect and I already have it all typed out and ready to store away in his special stuff.

10. Sunday night we went for a late swim at Pops' pool. Miah hung like a koala on Uncle Enos in the deep water.
11. We took Austin back on Monday :( and everyone was sad. Especially me and Jake. It's so hard to send him away for so long. This was his last visit until he's done in November so the kids won't see him for 4 long months. I'll take Isaak to visit him in 7 weeks, but that's still a long time off. We told Jake if he was brave enough to fly on an airplane by himself, we would pay for him to visit Austin as well one weekend but he's too scared so he said he'll just wait. Now that Isaak's here I feel like there's nothing holding us back. Sometimes I just sit and think about scooping everyone up, throwing them in the car and driving away for a few weeks to surprise him. Who knows...I may just do that. He gave us all blessings again before he left and in mine I was told that this time would fly by faster than it has been. I hold to that blessing each time I start to get sad. Sometimes at night as I'm laying there with Isaak and all the kids are in their beds I just cry and cry. I know a lot of this has to do with my crazy hormones. This is really one of the hardest trials our family has yet to face. I guess if this is as bad as it gets, I should be thankful. At least he's alive, we're all healthy and we WILL see him in 4 months, right? I try to focus on the positive but sometimes the negative just gets the best of me. Oh well...I'm doing my best.
12. Here's a sweet picture to cheer everyone up! Miah loves to feed Isaak and give him kisses.

13. Today was nice. We got out of the house and took Ni and Enos to swim at Pops' pool with all the kids. We met some friends there and just enjoyed being OUT. I feel like I've been locked in my cage for two weeks and it's so nice to be free. Isaak was perfect at the pool and just sat on my lap the entire time either sleeping, eating or listening. Afterwards we had crunchy ice cream (snow cones).
14. I think I'm going to try to get a nap in, all that heat from outside has worn me out! Glad I'm back! Missed you all!!!!!!


Valinda said...

Yay! You're back! I have nothing to fill all my many hours when you don't post. :) Your baby is still getting cuter! Ya know when it's bedtime at your house it's still early at mine, you don't have to cry by yourself that's even sadder! Welcome back.

Jess said...

Glad you had such a great weekend with your hubby, kiddos, and family. I totally was thinking...ouch...as I was looking at Kora changing Isaak and busted out laughing at the scoliosis comment!

Laura said...

Ok. Is it wrong that I would like to bite Isaak's fat droopy cheeks? Too cute.

Tara said...

He is growing so much already! Isaak is perfect! Kora is a doll, such a sweet sister! Even Jade doesn't change poopy diapers. (but Eddie is a serious wiggly dude, and it's hard for even me to change him!) Go Kora, you are awesome! Glad you found a wrap you like, too bad the fabric is hot, but you might get used to that? You can also experiment with tying the wrap tighter or looser, depending on the kind of stretch and snug fit you want. And you didn't post pictures of Linsday? I want to see a picture of her with her beautiful sisters? I would love to see a picture of her with the wrap on with Isaak, just to get an idea of what she will look like with a baby ;) And Miah is darling! Look at his gorgeous skin, he makes Enos look so white! And what a sweetie feeding Isaak. You know what you can try, if you want to encourage Jake with flying to see Austin, (aside from making sure he undersands that someone will be watching him ALL the time and making sure he is OK), get a good book that goes over what happens during a flight for kids. I have a book we used to read to Jade every time we were going to fly. It went over all the steps and what goes on during the flight through the little "adventure" of a brother and sister flying alone. Anyway, it always helped her and she had a better understanding of what to expect each time. Just a thought. :) Glad to see you are doing well, you look beautiful!

Vagabond Mother said...

Is Miah available anytime soon to be a big brother at my house?

That's great that you got to do the blessing this weekend.

That's cool that you get to time travel through the next four months. Will you take me with you?

Amanda said...

YEAH! Your back:)

Kora changing the diaper is so funny---especailly the way you describe it!

I LOVE that you got to do his blessing at your house!!!! AWESOME!

Unknown said...

What?! Lindsay came out there!? Where are pictures of her???

Your kids are too stinkin' cute. Your family seems like sooooo much fun!

Sandra said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I'm inspired to teach Chloe to change diapers. But she'll hate me forever. ;) Oh well, it's bound to happen sooner or later!

Staci said...

oh your baby is soo sweet! I know Lindsay so thats good enough. I'm glad you liked the wrap. They are so wonderful. I put my baby in it every day. Your welcome.

Enos Heinzen said...

Why do i look retarded in every picture!

Lindsay said...

what a good post. First i have to say that the picture where Miah is standing on daddy reminds me of that Dr. Seuss book called Hop On Pop. Also... i like the open-ness of this post and how much you pour out your soul. I know you miss your lover but i think your attitude (at least in your blog) is the right idea. Love you and we had fun being with you guys. Tell your kids that i'm sorry i wasn't more playful... i just was so sick and worn out from the cherry inside me.