Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. After lots of fun and swimming with friends, we all went home to take it easy for a few hours before bed. I was beat from getting NO sleep the night before so I decided I would try to catch a nap before another long night with Isaak. After FINALLY getting him to sleep, I lay down to close my eyes and then of course, he wakes up screaming. Ugh...I wasn't going to get a nap. I called Austin instead and while I was on the phone with him I started hearing Kora screaming outside. I didn't panic because hearing Kora scream is a pretty normal thing around here.

The thing that made me finally check it out was that no one else was screaming or yelling with her. She kept screaming and crying but not ABOUT anything. Usually she's yelling Miah or Jake's name. Not this time. I looked out my bedroom window and saw Kora hunched over a pool of blood in the driveway. I FREAKED. Ask, Austin because he was on the line with me. I grabbed my robe and DASHED down the stairs telling Austin I'd call him back. As I ran down the stairs, Miah comes running to me all panicked saying, "Koko fell down, Koko has blood!!!" As I walked outside to see her I was praying in my head that it wasn't too bad. There was SO MUCH blood coming from such a small person. She had her face looking down toward the cement with both hands covering her face overflowing with blood. I didn't want to lift her head up. I didn't wanna see what had happened. That moment felt like eternity as every thought ran through my head preparing me for what I was about to see.

I slowly lifted her head up but still couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. It was pouring, LITERALLY pouring out of her nose and mouth. I swiped my hand across her face trying to clear the blood to make sure there were no gashes on her face. Check. I put my hands in her mouth to make sure her teeth where still there. Check. Knowing that, I ran back inside to grab a towel. When I wiped her face off I saw it and my heart SANK. I was trying to comfort her by telling her she was okay, but my voice started to get a little shaky and my eyes started filling up with tears as I saw her tiny nose smashed to the side of her cheek. I can't imagine what it was like for her to see all the blood coming from her face and seeing me get teary and not know what her face looked like. What a terrible feeling I'm sure.

I knew when I saw it that it was broken. It was too crooked and there was just too much blood. My parents weren't home so I grabbed all the kids, threw some clothes on and we were off to the ER. It was time for Isaak to eat but he could sense all the stress around him so he was screaming at the top of his lungs the entire way to the hospital and the whole time we were in the waiting room as I'm tryin to fill out paperwork. The lady behind the desk was so nice and could see my stress sweat dripping as I'm juggling Kora's bloody face and pain, Isaak's screaming, the two boys asking me if they can get a coke from the coke machine, and about 5 pages of paperwork. She took the papers from me and said she would ask me all the questions and write them for me while I calmed Isaak down. She said, "Ya know, half of this is all just the same questions. I know you got your hands full. No sense in you writing it all down over and over again. I'll do it for ya." How nice of her, ahhh....relief.

I had called my parents before we left telling them what happened so they could come by the hospital and grab the three boys on their way home so that was helpful. They came pretty soon after we got called back.

They took a few x-rays and determined it was indeed broken for SURE on one side. The other side is iffy and they couldn't tell since that was the side it was all smashed to. The doctor moved it a TINY bit so it didn't look so awkward but he didn't want to reset it back in place because her nose is so small. He was worried about over correcting and then it being crooked on the other side after the swelling goes down.

We have to see an ENT first thing Monday morning to get it checked out and straightened. I haven't told Kora about what they will do on's gonna hurt so bad I'm sure.
She's feeling better today with just a headache and a sore face. When she woke up she touched her nose and told me it felt really big on her face. We're keeping her drugged with Tylenol and some ice packs for the swelling. It actually looks MUCH MUCH better than it did when I first pulled her hands down to see it.

SOO...what happened was, she was on the razor scooter, riding, and fell hitting her face on the handle bars as she landed on the concrete. I'm actually very GLAD I didn't see it happen because I don't think I would have been able to watch her get hurt, it would have broken my heart to have that image in my head replaying over and over. I'm sure it looked pretty bad. She said she did hear a crack sound when she fell.

This is the murder scene that is now left on the driveway. My dad joked that he is going to leave it there for memories since we're leaving. How nice of Kora not to bring it in the house, right? She was so considerate to keep it all dripping outside..hehe.

Here's the broken face. The line I drew down the left side of her nose is what the fracture looked like on the x-rays. See how her nose is smashed over the her right side a little? Imagine that times 3 when I FIRST saw it. *shiver* Never mind her silly eyes, there's nothing wrong with them she's just being her normal silly self trying to look as beat up as possible for the picture.

Here's the booger view, or shall I say, the dried blood view. Her once cute and perfect little button nose is now the leaning nose of Pisa.

And the down view which makes her look like Samantha from bewitched in mid nose twitch.

Since she was such a trooper, she got to pick out a prize at CVS on the way home while I grabbed her some Tylenol. Nothing like a few Lee Press On Nails to cheer a girl up.

Austin and I were talking about how we have three boys and one girl and that ONE girl is the most "boyish" out of all of them. She's now had stitches + one broken nose = two trips to the ER. She's the ONLY kid we've ever had to go to the ER for and you'd think with three boys it would be them, right? I told you she's a crazy woman!!


Vagabond Mother said...

Oh my gosh! Now that's a story that will give you chills! Holy cow! I would have called 911 or thrown up or both.

I'm so sorry and hope she feels better.

Anonymous said...

wow....that's a lot of blood.....poor thing.

Camilla said...

poor girl. so doctors don't do any local anesthesia for setting broken noses? ouch.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!! What a brave girl, and what a brave mommy! It's horrifying to see blood from your baby! Pearson once fell flat on his face while he had a Hot Wheels in his mouth. It jammed in the back of his throat and there was so much blood. I will never forget it. I can't imagine trying to juggle them all into the ER. You kinda rock.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I don't think it looks too bad. A little swollen maybe, but I think a touch of crooked adds character. Seriously.

Amy Herfurth said...

Jessica, you know I can't handle stomach is so sick just reading the story...You need to just SAY IT instead I had to imagine every little thing...which made me worry, cringe, get sick and hope my little koko was oK!! I really think I would pass out if that happened to my Lauren or Aidan...I am such a wimp!!!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Good grief. Thanks for the murder scene pic. I'm with SM, it doesn't look bad at all and a little crooked does add character (but of course, I wouldn't know from experience :). I bet the ENT will get it all back to normal. BUT, you know my favorite part of this all is the Lee Press On Nails. I LOVE them. I immediately started laughing hysterically. I remember going to the dime store when I was a kid and buying a wad of candy and lee press on nails and thinking all was right with the world.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better. I miss you. I hope you get better and we can play together again.

Anonymous said...

--he wanted to type "alot of letters"

Jess said...

Omigosh! Poor Kora! I can't imagine your terror and the nightmare of having no help getting all the kids into the ER. And just so ya know...I'm the only girl with 2 younger brothers and our family was just like yours...I was the one always hurting myself, needing surgery, stitches, etc. My parents always said the same thing as Austin! It's those girly, prissy, tomboys that have no fear!

Valinda said...

OMGosh!! You ARE Supermom. I don't think I would have been able to keep such a level head with the sight of so much blood. Dope her up with loads of Tylenol before you go tomorrow, maybe it won't be so bad after...maybe.

Deanna said...

Yikes! I hope she's feeling better.

And to think you were having flashes of Laura's public puke story as Isaak spit up the other day. Are you 2 secretly having a competition for the most horrifying story?

Amanda said...

That is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you and KoKO!

Lindsay said...

bloody fricken HELL. that story makes me immensely scared to ever have children... i'm so scared of something like this happening and me not knowing what to do. oh gosh. Poor Koko. Give her a hug from Ni.

Tara said...

Wow, I'm late at commenting! (for the record, I looked at this post before there were any comments, I just didn't have time right then) hehe. I know how you feel, I was amazed at how much blood can come from a face wound. Jade has had stitches and broken bones already too. The nurse said it's surprising, but they get more girls for stitches and broken bones than boys. My friend and I were talking about this the other day, she has serious HORROR stories with her daughter, who is only 4, (she has 2 other boys with no problems so far) She has been to the hospital more times than you can count on one hand with major incidents. (like have a metal hanger at a department store lodged in her mouth and tearing the inside, just one example) I mean, what the heck is going on with our girls!?! Is this a good thing or a bad thing? honestly. I never thought it would be my daughter who would toughen me up as a mother to injuries. Thank goodness Kora looks ok. She is so gorgeous, you will still be beating away the boys even with her possessing a few flaws. :)