Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I kissed an Ike and I liked it!

Here I am guys! I'm not dead, I don't feel dead at least. I don't even feel TOO tired. My mom is helping out A LOT so I'm able to nap when Isaak naps which has been really NICE. Here are some pictures over the past few days. I know they aren't as good as the slide show pics, I'm not a photographer, just a mom with a camera who feels that EVERY moment of Isaak's life should be captured (even if all the moments look the same!). Some of the pics are really grainy, not sure why, sorry.
This is when we first got him after the nursery cleaned him up and got all the cottage cheese outta his hairdo, hence the greasy eyes. I love the greasy eyes. He has this incredibly precious over bite that I was trying to capture in these first few pictures. It's so cute, I kiss it only about a million times a day.

Jake was running a fever of 102 the day after the birth so even though he came to visit, he had to stay on the couch and be sad. He was totally bummed.

Kora hasn't stopped being a little mother to him. She gets mad at me when I don't let her help which is pretty hard to deal with sometimes.

Just because I was at the hospital and didn't deliver my baby in a hotel room doesn't mean I wasn't white trash. I had to order this delicious fried catfish one night and get my white trash fix. It was yummy!!

Kora spent the last night at the hospital with us. When we woke up I started to get ready for the day and she quickly followed. She told me, "just because we're in the hospital doesn't mean we shouldn't fix our hair and look pretty, right?" She's SO my daughter.

First ride in the car seat.

In the going home outfit that Kora picked out 9 months ago.

Miah loves being a big "budder" and he loves his baby "budder" too. He keeps asking me if Isaak came out of my tummy and then looks at my still rounded belly with a confused look. YES MIAH, I'm still chubby...gimme a break!

I love this little man.

Here's my hand for size comparison. He was 7lbs, 9oz at birth and he's lost 5 oz since then. I had to take him to the doctor today because of his jaundice and get his level checked again. I'll find out tomorrow what it is. I kinda already knew he would have it even before he came out, just had a hunch. None of my other kids have ever had it.

Here's Isaak with his twin. I think he looks SO much like Kora in a boy form. He has her face and her thin and tamed hair, but he's long, skinny and lanky like Jake. I think his eyes might be green but time will tell.

This picture is for all of those who commented on my beauty in the birth pics. This is to show you that with the cameras gone, so is the beauty. Kora took this when I was unaware she was snapping shots. I do look hideous, but I didn't want everyone to think I look glamorous ALL the time...hehe. (if you look closely you might catch a glimpse of my coveted gauze panties that I have hiked up over my belly button!)

So that's it! That's my new baby boy that I love so much. On the way home from the doctor I stopped at CVS to grab some batteries and the lady checking me out fell in love with Isaak. She told me I needed to cherish this time with him because they grow up so quickly. I started crying right there in the store because I KNOW how fast they grow and I hate it. I don't know that I've ever been so attached to any of my kids being THIS small. I always wanted them to get bigger so I could see how they act and look. But not this time. With Isaak I just want him to stay small forever. Maybe I feel this way because I'm nearing the end of the birthing phase in my life, maybe because I'm older and wiser, maybe because I miss my bigger babies when they were small. Whatever it is, it hurts. When I stare at him I just wanna squeeze him so tight so he won't grow. I was actually happy when the doctor told me he lost weight, excited that he isn't growing yet. I guess it's just part of being a parent and having to see your babies grow up. I'm gonna miss him when he's bigger though. I'm gonna miss this time when he just wants to eat, sleep, poop and cuddle with me. I love him so much!


Keyo said...

You still look just fine. Not horrible. Yes i did comment on u being a beautiful mother..so had to comment on this post too! :) i love your blog and the way you write. keep it up and enjoy ur baby all the way .. :) good luck!
-keyomi (kay)

Lindsay said...

I love my nephew... he's such a sweet boy. and you're right... he DOES look like kora in boy form. I can't wait to hold him!!!!! how tender.

Lindsay said...

two more things... i know i'm the only person who will say this since i'm your sister but wow.. your boobs are HUGE!!! and so perky... or you're wearing an amazing bra... i want boobies like that. the other thing... Kora looks SO beautiful in that picture where she's peeking into the picture of isaak


Oh, he is just so tiny! I can't wait to hold him. I got teary eyed while reading what you were saying about not wanting them to grow up and get bigger. I know I only have one, and that there are still many more to come (my birthing phase has just begun!) but Chloe has gotten big so fast. I hope he stays tiny for you.

Amanda said...

He is an angel:) I could not agree with your thoughts any more!!!! I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY about Liam growing up!!!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth! I don't even mind the full boobs and nursing all night! And I am glad to see your less glamorous side! Makes me feel better:)

Valinda said...

Well the hair wasn't done but we'll never know about the make-up you were too into your darling baby! They all look so happy together and poor Jake! I hope they all stay happy... While I'm not your sister I do 2nd what Lindsay said, I know your measurements, you look several inches bigger, and we're not talking belly. ;)Have fun with your baby!

Tara said...

Wow, so much to comment on from a fellow mother who is still in recovery from birth #3. Actually, I am feeling quite a bit more sane lately. (AND I hear it's easier emotionaly to adjust to baby #4, it's just baby #3 physical recovery that is a different, BUT you are not yet 30, so your perky boobies and sexy hips might be safe!) :)
I can't believe I forgot to comment on the slide show. I have really enjoyed it, (just didn't sign in to comment during my painting breaks), you ARE beautiful and still look smexy now! My first thought was that he looked like Kora too, he is just perfect! You have seriously PERFECT looking babies!
I think age and maturity have A LOT to do with how you appreciate this one. I felt the same way with Eddie. And I have heard about that feeling being different, deeper, with birth #3/4 when the mom is slightly older and wiser. I know it's hard to explain, lots of first time moms want to cherish those moments as well, but there is just something different when you are more experienced in life, and near the end, (or at the end like me), of your birthing career. I just think the feelings are deeper. I can't explain it well. I am so happy for you!
Do you have a backpack or wrap to cary him in? If you have the kind that I used, (like a Moby wrap, but homemade with stretch nylon so it's WAY cooler in the heat), Jakob can be wrapped up with Isaak, and even Kora can have one for while he is this little. I LOVED my wrap, and Lindsay will have several when she has her baby. :)
I am just so happy for you Jessica! I'm glad you have help too, that is so important. He is just the sweetest thing in the world. If you need anything or any ideas for stuff, or "second opinions" on nursing issues, just call me and I would love to help if I can. love ya, and congratulations!!!!! muah, muah!!!

Karen Valinda said...

Sorry to disagree with a new mom, however - you look far from hideous! And the gauze panties don't detract in the least ;-}

The video is amazing! I loved it but didn't have time to comment when I viewed it... even my 15 yr old son was impressed... "too bad you didn't do something like this for your babies, Mom" I am thrilled you have this for Isaak, kiss him once more for his adoring fans in Nampa, please!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful.... What a gift.

raschel said...

wow. boobs. do they hurt? he is such a sweet, beautiful baby. he does look a lot like his big sis..it's very cute how motherly she is with him. I bet it was so hard for Jake to stay away from him in the hospital! That's sad! Oh. And, I did sneak a peak at the gauze panties, only because you made the comment about them or I would've never noticed, you should take a picture of a pair not on your body so I can get a really good idea of what they look like. Isn't it funny that you call it a "pair" of panties? I don't get that... I can't WAIT for more updates. Your family is adorable.

Jess said...

hehe! It's funny Lindsay commented about your boobs b/c I was thinking the same thing and then saw the formula bottle on the nightstand and was like, "whoa, those aren't even milk boobies!" :)

isaak is adorable. you look great. kora WILL be the 2nd mama well into her 20's with those younger boys! miah is too funny. and poor jake...hope he's feeling better.

p.s. i feel honored you had an ENTIRE box of the chocolate covered pretzels in your slideshow! SEE....I told you they were addicting! they're like potato chips..."you can't just have one!"

Vagabond Mother said...

All boobies are milk boobies at this stage and yours are fabulous. Much better than Lindsay's, but give her a few children and a few years. Then we'll compare. Or not.

But even better than your breasts is that sweet little boy! I'm so glad he is so loved! It makes it all worth it, doesn't it? Even though I don't know if I'll ever do it again, it is so GREAT when the baby finally comes that nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me posted on everything. My first look at Isaak, I thought he looks just like Kora, then as I read further on your blog, you said the exact same thing... I was thinking.
You look beautiful in any way, even when you just woke up from bed, and haven't had your teeth brush. I know your feeling about Isaak, he is so precious, and heaven sent, you can't get enough out of him. Remember you once told me you are not very good at tiny babies, look what's happening, you are getting more experience, wiser, and the memories of carrying all your little ones before is all coming back. You love tiny babies, you can't get enough out of them, you just forget how it felt. I am so proud of you and happy that you are enjoying Isaak so much, he is a cutie and so adorable. It makes you want to have another baby. Love ya.

Unknown said...

Oh my GOSH could your family be any sweeter or better looking?! I think not.

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