Saturday, May 3, 2008

Park and Plays

On Thursday we went to the park with our neighbor Maddie to feed the ducks. There weren't any ducks when we got there, but the fish loved the bread just as much.

Miah liked watching the fish run up to each piece of bread he would drop.

Finally a single duck found us and was bombarded by thousands of pieces of bread.

On Friday Jake was in a short play at school. We went up to watch him.
They all made their our costumes and I think Jake's was the best!


Vagabond Mother said...

We should all throw bread crumbs at Enos's head.

That lake looks so pretty. I need to take Raymond to feed animals sometime. Our fish is boring.

I love Jake's costume.

Vagabond Mother said...

Okay, as for the comment moderation, people got all political once and I was like, "shut the hell up." But the comments have been pretty mellow for awhile.

Lindsay said...

i think that's too many crumbs for that duck... me thinks he might explode.