Thursday, April 3, 2008

Skate girls and one motorcycle boy

After going roller skating with the YW a few months back, Kora has been beggin me to take her again. SOOooooOOO, we went today! We took Kora's favorite next door neighbor friend, Maddie with us, it was her first time ever. The girls had a TOTAL blast. They played all the many Hannah Montana songs and it was so cute watching them be "girls" and sing to each other all excited about the song. Miah stayed on the side with me and played with his motorcycles because we weren't about to attempt the wheels on a slippery floor. Sorry the skate pictures are so blah, for some reason with all the lights and smoke they just turn out good.

Here's Miah showing me where the girls are. Every time one of them would bust, Miah would laugh and say, "OH DUDE!!" That's his new phrase that he says ALL the time. We had so much fun and watching the girls be so grown up with the songs and stuff I had to hold back my preggo tears. Retarded, I know, but it was sweet.

Afterwards we ate lunch at McDonalds. Here are the girls being too cool to sit with mom and Miah. Yet another reason to make me start crying, but I didn't.

Miah kept me company since the girls were too busy whispering and being big.

Here are the divas wearing their new faux Princess gloves they got in their happy meal.
Aren't they fancy? A little TOO fancy if you ask me, with that pose and all...yikes.


Tara said...

SAAAASSY!!! I love how little boys do not mind being "mamas boys", Josh will say right out, that's what he is. Ya, the girls grow up way too fast, seems a bit faster than boys.

Amanda said...

I LOVE the pic of Miah eating his burger! It is too cute!

Jess said...

Kora definitely has the sassy pose going on...but I LOVE it! She reminds me of myself...just 20-something years later!