Thursday, April 24, 2008


1. Miah is doing SO much better now. He's still very tender down there and doesn't like the daily cleaning where I have to use soap and then dry it, but between pees, you wouldn't be able to tell he's had surgery. He's back to wearing underwear, but only Jake's because it's bigger and much looser. Yes, Jake is THAT skinny. The skin is still pretty raw, but each day it gets darker and darker and less red. He goes back to the doctor on Wednesday for a post op visit but today Dr. Bloom called to check on him which I thought was very sweet. Right now I'm trying to MAKE Miah do things he couldn't do right after the surgery. Things he thinks he STILL can't do, but I know he can. He walks slowly with his legs apart and I'll tell him to hurry up and show me how fast he can go. He also has a hard time bending over to get things or lifting his legs up really high to step into his pants or underwear. He's gotten used to having me hold his hand while he pees so I'm also trying to show him that he can do it without me now, and it won't hurt. I think one of the hardest parts about being a mom is letting go when I still want to "baby" him. As much as I want him to need me, I also want him to know that he's getting better and it won't hurt forever. He's really proud of himself when he DOES try on his own so that makes my heart smile.

2. Austin is only working half days today and tomorrow so he should be home any minute now. We planned a date for Friday evening, just he and I. It will be our last for quite some time. The kids seem okay about him leaving, but I wonder if they REALLY understand how long and how far away he'll be. I know Jake does, but he seems to be taking it much better than I thought. Kora won't talk about it when I ask her questions and Miah has no clue and WON'T have a clue until dad doesn't come home for a few days. He's leaving early Sunday morning (6am) so Saturday is really our day to say goodbye. I know it sounds crazy, and I don't WANT him to go, but I kind of want him to GO already so I can start counting down. Does that make sense? I feel like the longer he's here, the longer it will be before I can see him again. I told Lindsay that I feel like I have a constant lump in my throat and as I go throughout the days certain things people say or do, or songs I hear, or whatever, will just trigger the crying. It seems like every song that comes on the radio I can use to make me cry by distorting the lyrics to match my situation. Why do we do that?

3. Good news! Originally we had planned on being apart for 9 months, but it looks like the second school (Naval Justice Academy) he will go to after TBS (which is where he is going now) isn't going to start until the end of Jan. His graduation from TBS is the first week of November so that means there's a big 2-3 month gap between the two schools. This is good because he can either come back home and work from here at the recruiting office again, OR go straight to Rhode Island and work there until his school starts. Either way, we'll get to be with him because we will definitely go when he leaves to RI with there being such a huge break. I know that doesn't make sense, but you get the point. No more 9 months, now only 6 months!!! Things are looking a lot more do-able for me right now.

4. Okay Valinda, I invested in a portable DVD player AGAIN (we had two that got destroyed in our flooded apartment) to use for doctor visits, long waiting periods, etc etc. WELL, I bought it the Saturday before the surgery, charged it up, and brought it for Kora to use during the surgery. Guess didn't work. The dang thing was broken before I even used it!! SOOO, my genius idea of using it during the TWO HOUR waiting period failed. I took it back to the store and bought a different one which DOES work, so now I'm just waiting until it's time to use it. Here's how ridiculous my kids are though...Last night we went for a burrito run and the kids wanted to watch a movie on the way there. Instead of using the DVD player we have IN the car, they asked to bring the portable one. What the crap? I said, Uhh...NO! I've forbid any of the kids to use the portable one unless I say so to keep it from getting junked up. I guess new things are just WAY more fun. One good use I'll get out of my new DVD player is using it to play movies in my YW class. I HATE rolling those HUGE televisions into my tiny YW room just for a 10 minute video so now I'll just bring my own player!!

5. My parents got back from Disney World yesterday and they returned bearing gifts for the kids, of course! Jake got a Pirates mouse pad for his computer and a Pirates t-shirt that's pretty scary. Kora got her long awaited Jasmine costume with shoes and all, it's adorable!! Miah got Cars pjams and a buzz lightyear gun that DRIVES ME NUTS!!! But he loves it! Thanks mom and dad!

6. I don't have to prepare a lesson for my YW this week because the lesson I planned for LAST week I didn't get to do. We practiced singing for Youth Conference the whole time so I'm gonna recycle my hard work and use it this Sunday....ahhhh, no prep!

7. When Jake came home from school he said all the kids thought he was so cool because of the visit from Austin and Lt. Jones. He said he got a new girlfriend and he wasn't even looking for one! She told him, "Your dad ROCKS! My brother is a Marine too!!" and then voila...they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess that's how it works these days. He also informed me that Mrs. Garrison was hitting on Austin...hmm...not liking that but I don't blame her. It's Austin's fault for flaunting his sexiness all over the school.

8. I have some pictures to share, but I can't make them smaller in Adobe because it says my scratch disk is full and I need to erase some of the pictures on there before I can do anything else. What the heck does that mean? I'm sure Austin knows so I'll have him rectify the situation tonight. See...what am I going to do when he's gone?!?

9. I've been missing comments from some of my favorite readers lately so I went to my stat counter to see if I'm losing readers. Funny thing...over the last week I've doubled my number of NEW readers. MORE readers, but LESS comments? Come on to me!!

10. There's that stupid number 9 trying to be the last piece of junk in my list.


Tara said...

I SO know what you mean about wanting him to leave already. You have already "mentally" prepared yourself for his absence, you just want to get into the routien and count-down so it will be over sooner and you can move on with life. I'm glad Miah feels better, Jake is such a cutie, I love how he gets his women, and the kids will be probably surprise you with how resiliant they are during this tough time. And I think it's the season for less comments or something. I noticed the same thing on my blog. I got used to the comment volume, and then it drops. It's like, "did I suddenly become un-interesting to my friends?". Anyway, I leave comments long enough to count as 10 people. haha But I bet you would rather have 10 people make small comments than my ramblings. :) love ya!

Valinda said...

Where's the stats counter? Is that something you added on extra? Anyways I'm a little upset I wasn't asked to make Kora's Jasmine. You better ask me next time! Yay for the new DVD player Boo! that it didn't work. Why is life like that? So not fair.

Jess said...

I know I was that favorite reader you have missed! :) I'm alive and well...and been reading your blog quickly in passing in between traveling a ton!

Anonymous said...

Unrelated totally, but the J Bros were on Oprah today....did you see it? Thought of you guys.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have some some good news in there to outweigh the bad!

Camilla said...

So glad Miah is feeling better and that the time is down to six months. I thought the boyfriend/girlfriend story was super cute.

Lindsay said...

read them all.. i dont know which to comment on but at least i feel like i i know what's going on in your life.

Unknown said...

What great news about your man!!!!

And so glad Miah is feeling better.