Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The bubble blowers

While we were on our trip we grabbed some of that yummy gum that comes in a milk carton and it's shaped like an egg. I love the candy at Easter season, it's the best candy out of all seasons I think. My favorite is the gum that comes in the mini egg carton, but we couldn't find that kind. Since we were all chewing on a chunk of gum the entire trip, Jake was blowing bubbles like crazy. This sparked an interest with Kora so she asked him to teach her how to do it. He's such a good teacher, she was out bubble blowing HIM by the end of the trip!

Here's the beginning of it...

WoW! Go Kora!

And then of course with all the attention on Jake and Kora, Miah needed his picture taken with his...not so bubble.


Vagabond Mother said...

Oh Miah! That's the best picture ever. What a determine little guy.

Lindsay said...

nice bubbles...i like miah's constipated little face. HA