Thursday, February 28, 2008

A list of Junk

1. Last week I watched that show where you have to tell the truth because you took a lie detector test and blah blah blah they wanna ruin all relationships you have with your loved ones. Well, it's pathetic. What the heck has the world come to when we enjoy watching people's lives fall apart. I can't say too much because I of course was glued to the television and couldn't turn it off. The girl said she wasn't interested in the mula, she just wanted to get everything off her chest - and she did just gracious. So after watching that, I feel the need to get a few things off my chest. I'll do more later, but here's some starters:

* I LOVE heavy whipping cream, like to drink. When I bartended at Outback I would sneak into the walk in freezer, grab the heavy whipping cream, and pour myself a LARGE glass of it. I would drink it from a straw behind the bar while I worked and since I was pregnant no one questioned what it was...milk of course! *wink*

* At my first visit to the OB for this pregnancy, I lied about my pre-pregnancy weight. I knew I'd gain more than I should, so I added on a few 5-8 pounds of "cushion weight".

2. This baby boy has the weirdest movements and it's driving my BONKERS. Instead of normal kicking motions, it's digging into my bowels it feels like. It feels like bubbles of gas so all day I'm thinking I have this severe gassy issue when it's really just the baby.

3. I'm feeling much better today. I don't know what I had but it sucked. A head cold maybe? I had this terrible croupy cough that Jake passed to me. I would have to sleep with a cough drop in my cheek all night to keep the coughing to a minimum so when I'd wake up, my cheek was all raw and soft and flaky. yuck. I had the deepest nap today after taking Kora to school and I think it was the last little bit of power up I needed to get through this. I feel SO much better. I have tons of phlegm but the coughing is about gone and I feel much stronger.

4. Speaking of phlegm, on the way home from dropping off Jake, I coughed up a whole dollop of it and when I tried to spit it out the window (which I'm terrible at) it just landed right outside the door on top of the handle to open it. I didn't want to pull over to clean it off until I got home so the whole way there it was just flopping and flailing on my door. It was really gross. What else was I supposed to do? I had no place to spit it out, no napkin no cup, nothing. I wasn't gonna swallow it for fear that even MORE would come up given my sensitive condition.

5. Ooooohh, I made this delicious dessert today to thank Austin for taking care of me and everything else while I was laid up in bed the last few days. It's called Carmelitas and it's to DIE for :) Oatmeal, chocolate, caramel and yum :)

6. We are leaving tomorrow evening to go to Arkansas for the weekend to visit Austin's mom. Miah's birthday is on Sunday, but since we are having the "Brothers Birthday" in April, we'll just have a small gathering in Arkansas to celebrate the actual date. It should be fun, I'm looking forward to getting away.

7. Double D's now. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Thing one and thing two.

8. Kora had her last day of school today. Her teachers were so sweet and gave her a beautiful picture of Christ and a Lamb, a book about the Lord being our Shepherd and a card from all her friends saying how they will miss her. What's ironic about that is she has a picture of The Lost Lamb which hung in her bedroom when we lived in Fort Worth. She's always loved that picture and picked it out herself so the things she was given go along with her whole lamb theme. She wasn't sad about it being her last day when we would talk about it before today, but after school I told her that even though this was her last day, her friends would still be going to school. After she heard that she got upset and started acting sad. Silly girl.

9. I'm going to Austin's basketball game to cheer him on, gotta run!


Lindsay said...

i didn't read this yet because i wanted to tell you before i forgot that the "skinny bone" you saw was actually only the achilles tendon... it's amazing that it remained intact. without it he'd never be able to walk again. his ankle bone... well.. that's a different story.

Lindsay said...

I think my favorite part about this list is how you start off with nasty phlem... head straight to dessert from there and tie it up with a couple of double d's. my GRACIOUS!!! double d's!?!?!! I can't even imagine those!!! Enos DID make a comment though on those pictures where the kids are wearing your bra..."one of them was the size of their heads!!" we laughed and mocked you for your gigantic boobs afterward.

Vagabond Mother said...

That phlegm story is even worse than the people who pick their nose at red lights.

I wish giant boobs would go away. I'm not even using them.

Unknown said...

Eeeeew. What's with the Georges and their yucky posts recently!? :)

Oh, hee hee at your boobies! :)

Tara said...

Glad you are feeling better!

OK, and stop complaining about boobs, do you have ANY idea how aweful it is without them!?! I mean, I was an A for crying out loud, had kids, now I'm a deflated AA, but I wear a huge, overly stuffed B cup that is pretty much empty, just so I can look like I have boobs! I take appart old bras and sew them into my swimsuits to continue the illusion. I am so pathetic, but it really is gross and embarrasing. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!! LOVE THEM, ENJOY THEM, IT SUCKS NOT TO HAVE THEM!!!! ;) (Sorry for going off, I have serious boob issues)


Hey, I want to try that recipe with the carmel stuff.