Thursday, February 7, 2008

A list of junk in a voice from a chipmunk

1. JUST NOW beginning to feel a little better and then I get hit with a stomach virus. It's not pretty, I won't go into it.

2. I'm giving a talk on Sunday and I'm dreading it with every fiber in my body. I get SO literally ILL when I have to do these things. I have been putting off preparing it and I think I'm in denial at this point. If I don't prepare it, I won't have to give it...right? I'm not a public speaker at ALL, I suck so badly. I wish it were Sunday afternoon and it was all over.

3. Lately I've been such a grouch to everyone around me. People I DO know and people I don't know annoy me. It's like when I come in contact with another human, my mind says, "Hi, my name is Jessica and I can't stand you." I've always been like this to a degree because I'm a really standoffish type person, but it's getting worse. I don't know if I should attribute it to the preg or me just getting older and turning into a grumpy old woman. I look at people and TRY to find things that I can get mad about. Today the lady at Kroger had on an orange shirt and she was so helpful and nice but I was mad at her. You wanna know why? This is what I made up - Orange is Rockwall's school color and I was mad that she was wearing it thinking that she was all Rockwally and stuff. I was mad because I had been here since I was 5 and she probably JUST moved here and is already wearing an orange shirt. Stupid, I know. What's wrong with me? It's not very Christ-like, I'm even embarrassed to be telling you all this about me, but I feel like if I get it out and confront the issue, maybe I can work on it better. I think I need a vacation...from earth.

4. Speaking of vacations...Austin and I had our weekend getaway this last weekend and it was really nice, but pathetic. I'll explain, but first let me preface. Austin and I are REALLY home bodies, we love our home, we love our bed, we love our room, we love being with our family. We love going out and doing things too, but home just makes me feel happy and soft. When we lived in our old apartment we would host family "mattress parties" almost weekly. This is where you move all the living room furniture (coffee table) and then take all the mattresses from everyone's rooms and lay them next to each other on the floor making one huge bed for the whole family. We loved doing this and watching movies, eating popcorn and then sleeping as a family all cozy and warm. Since we've been here, we have family movie nights at least once a week and it's very rare that there isn't at least ONE child on the floor in our room at bed time. It doesn't bother me really; it makes me feel safe when my children are near.

SO, back to the weekend getaway. First we went eat at Outback, yum and then checked into our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Lawrence in downtown Dallas just across the street from the 6th floor book depository. Very historical and beautiful! As soon as we walked in the room it felt weird. The room was great, clean and quiet, but I just felt uncomfortable. We planned on staying up and just hanging out watching TV, but we were both so tired we ended up going to bed pretty early. While we were lying in bed Austin asked if I was uncomfortable there and of course I said yes, he agreed. He said, "I wish the kids were sleeping on the floor with us." It made me feel sad. Then he said, "You wanna just checkout tomorrow and go home early?" And my answer..."yeah". It's not that we don't enjoy each other's company, we would rather enjoy each other's company at home in our own room. If someone took our kids away for a few days and we were at home together, I think that would have been much better. If we get away from home, then we both decided we want the kids there with us because they make homes away from home, FEEL like home. The next day we went to lunch and then watched the movie Juno which was fantastic and I cried throughout the entire thing. After the movie we went home and the kids were SO excited to see us home early. Awww...I love my family :)

5. I can't wait until Kora comes home so I can put Miah down for a nap and then take one myself. I haven't had a nap since Sunday which is a record for me during this pregnancy. It's time to play catch up!

6. Apartment hunting in a city and state you know nothing about and can't visit SUCKS.

7. I made the most delightful lunch today! It was a freshly baked crescent (sp?) filled with chicken salad, complete with eggs and pickles, and then some deliciously salty and peppery kettle chips with sliced apples on the side. Yum, I can't wait to be hungry again and have MORE!!

8. I love my husband.

9. I think we may try to see the Hannah Montana movie this Saturday. I'm nervous about the amount of people that will be there all pushing and waiting in line. Especially with my newly found hatred for humans and the natural lioness in me trying to make sure my kids get the best seat. It might be a replay of Austin's near fight at the movies on Labor Day...remember Amy and Dad? Except it will be me and I'm big and round so I'll look more ridiculous.

10. My acne is clearing's about DANG time. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

11. One more thing, I hate to end this at #11, that's such an akward number, but oh well. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions ALREADY! I was freakin out because I felt like it was WAY too soon, but when I looked it up on one of my many preg books it said that women who have been pregnant in the past will experience BHC's a lot sooner (around 20 weeks and I'm a day or two away from that) and a lot more intense...boy are they right. They practically take my breath away and I have to lie down. It only happens about once a day, but they're big mommas and it feels weird having them happen already.


David and Teresa said...

Being a home body is very natural. Who wouldn't want to come home to such a wonderful family. Teresa and I feel that way also. We like getting out but it only takes a little while before we want our on bed and home. Orange is good!!! Go Rockwall!!! Love Dad

Amanda said...

I am TOTALLY a homebody too!!!! I do not like traveling or staying in hotels...and I have never left P for the same reasons you mentioned:) I can't believe your having strong BH already?! Last pregnancy mine all started after 30 weeks----But they did their 37 weeks I was 2 cm and 100% effaced and by 38 weeks I was 4 cm and then I delivered 2 days later:) So hopefully they are just helping your body....but not too soon! When were your other kids born--before or after due dates???

Sandra Huntsman said...

I had major braxton hicks with this last baby as soon as I could feel her move. It was sheer misery! Sorry to hear it's already begun for you. Pregnancy is never predictable and always different.

I think the homebody thing is so sweet! Personally, I'd love a getaway from my kids right about now! Any vacation would be fantastic!

grammie said...

I am a total homebody. I have to force myself to go other places. I love my bed. Even really nice hotel rooms seem sterile and cold to me. I also think about germs too. I think it is neat that you love to be with your little family. I love your blog. It is so entertaining! NancyP

Lindsay said...

i wish i could have kids right now and have a home away from home and family because then i would at least feel like i had kids, cuz i would. I know that made barely any sense. You put so much on this list that my brain shut down. I like the getaway story, and i might have a job. I find out tomorrow. i'll let you know.

Lindsay said...

oh! the other thing i wanted to say was that i had acne for the whole time you had it. mine is almost completely gone though now... i think it was sympathy acne. ew.

Amy Herfurth said...

I am glad I am not prego! Thats all I have to say!! :)

Vagabond Mother said...

I had early by contractions with henry too! It kind of freaked me out and then i got used to it. People irritate me too. Like the lady with three daughters hardly spaced out at all and she was pregnant AND one girl was named ivory and one emery. Gross!

Tara said...

I LOVE the matress idea with the kids, they would love that!

I had BHC too, but they kept telling me to cut back on salt and drink TONS of water every hour, so I was peeing through my whole pregnancy, but it did help.

Make contact with the ward most of the base LDS members go to, even if you do not plan on living on base, the LDS military members can be a great resource when looking for a place to live and making sure it's in a decent area near the things that are important to you. Calling the base Chaplain, or going through your bishop there, they can look up church info about that area. Seriously, I made contact with a RS president before each new location, even if I wasn't going to live in the ward, she always put me in touch with other moms who could help me out. Let me know if you need help getting in contact with someone, I don't mind making phone calls for you. :) But you NEED to make contact with some moms BEFORE you get there, it's VITAL!!! Let me know if you need help, call anytime Jess!

Unknown said...

We are home-bodies as well. We do movie nights with popcorn and Orange Juliuses. Sooooo good.

Sorry you're feeling crabby. I get that way when I PMS. At least there's an end in sight, right?!

Unknown said...

i had BH that early and frequently w/corinne too. crazy. especially since i didn't have any at all w/chris. hope u feel better soon. that virus has been all thru our family...every one of us. cute story about ur short weekend away from the kids. funny how hormones make us react too. hope u got good seats at HM movie! i didn't see juno yet but corinne loved it.

Unknown said...

oh and if you need any help w/apartment hunting call me. maybe i can go down there and let u know more about the area and how the neighborhoods look.