Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Survery....but not the same ole same ole boring one.

1) Which celebrity would play you in a movie of your life? One for looks, one for personality. Flatter your guts out.
Looks: Angelina Jolie or Ashley Judd (that's for you Janae)
Personality: Jennifer Garner (she seems really down to earth and careless about her clothes unless it matters)

2) Are you married? If yes, did you marry for looks, love, attention, or money?
I married mostly for love and looks but then got lots of attention. And the money? I've yet to see that.

3) How closely does your life resemble what you thought you'd be when you were four?
Almost dead on. I'm a mother with lots of kids hangin off of me.

4) Do you like when playlists play music on blogs?
No, it's annoying because it's never any music I like.

5) Where were you when Heath Ledger died?
Getting my hair beautified.

6) Who will you vote for in November?
I won't because I don't care enough to actually research each candidate and make an educated decision. Unfortunately, most people don't care about educating themselves before they vote which is quite ignorant. IF I voted, which I won't, it would probably be for Obama because Austin and I have most of the same views and that's who he likes! Although, I think Romney is a very good guy with great morals. I don't wanna just vote for him because he's Mormon though, ya know? BTW, did you know the Prophet is a registered Democrat?

7) Costco or Sam's Club?
Target right now, but if I lived near either one of these it would probably be Costco.

8) Do you hate it when your husband/wife plays video games?
He never plays them enough to annoy me. I don't care.

9) Have you ever had the dream where all your teeth fall out and you choke on them?
Had the one where they fall out, never choked on them. Have YOU had the one where your long hair gets cut really short and you're crying because it took you so long to grow it out? OR even worse...the one where you HAVE short hair in real life, you dream it's long and luscious and then wake up and it's still short and you're sad?

10) Have you ever been semi-conscious and totally unable to move and feel like you might be possessed by Satan?
No joke this used to happen to me ALL the time when I was a kid. I think I was around 7ish and for almost a month straight it would happen every night. Very scary.

11) What are the best t.v. shows that you think others should be watching too? Does the Writer's Strike make you lonely, bored or unemployed?
Don't care about the strike.
ALL THE DISNEY CHANNEL SHOWS, Miss America Reality Check, all the INK's, Nat'l Geographic Channel (have you ever seen a hippo poop? Check this out, it's crazy...

12) Do you watch trash t.v. when you are alone? Are you embarrassed?
I'm never alone, no time to be embarrassed.

13) Who is your current favorite music artist?
It's a close tie between Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers!!!

14) What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
"Walking Tall" with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

15) Should they take the word "God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance?
Nah, then there would be a blank spot.

16) List only your four best friends to respond to this survey on their blog.
Oh I don't care...anyone who wants to do it, DO IT, I don't have any friends.


Vagabond Mother said...

Did you know Lindsay is meeting at her old studio tonight? LOVERS! Maybe they'll give her more work.

Thanks for responding to my made up survey, it gave me a small sense of legitimacy.

I'm glad you've felt possessed as well.

Amanda said...

YOu always make me laugh:)

Lindsay said...

i think it's hilarious that you'd make fun of me ALLLLL growing up about watching Disney channel and now you are FAR MORE addicted than i EVER was. Also...i was laughing really hard when i read about your long/short hair dreams... i have those ALLL THE TIME!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT! I'm ripping it off. It will help with the writer's block!!

Tara said...

I say Ashley Judd for sure. I agree with you on most of the stuff. I just have no idea about music these days, I feel so out-of-date! We are Obama fans too. I don't remember when I was 4, 5 is my earliest memory of life plans. I'm glad you did the survey, it's so fun to read random things about friends. Cool! I will try to do it on mine when I have some time. :)