Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kora's 5th Birthday Party

So I'm finally getting around to posting the birthday pictures from Kora's party last Friday the 9th. I don't have all of them because I was busy during some of the moments so I'll have to wait until Amy emails them to me or puts them on HER blog so I can steal them. Here is the most talked about cake, of course. I was fretting so much about it and it turned out so well. I started with a deep 9 inch pan and used 2 cupcake holes. Then I cut the cake into the shape of his head and added the cupcake eyeballs. I found this idea on the internet BTW, no I didn't make it up, are you kidding me?

This was the part I was most concerned about. Every time I try to frost the INSIDE of a cake, all the crumbs go bazerk and start sticking to my frosting. The whole cake begins to peel away and usually, all I'm left with is a huge pile of crumbs and frosting. I called Lindsay, my cake decorating sister, to ask her if there was any type of "sealant" I could spray on the cake to prevent this. Maybe a clear lacquer? A Primer? Something like that in the cooking world. Well, she gave me the advice to do a thin frosting layer on the open wounds of the cake and then let it stay in the fridge for about 30 minutes to harden and act as the "sealant" for the REAL frosting layer. It worked perfectly, thanks Linds!

After the frosting, it was smooth sailing and he turned out quite nice! Kora and I made his spikes ourselves. We took pretzels and dipped them in melted white chocolate and then sprinkled them. They were delicious! Isn't he cute?

Okay so this blowing the candles picture didn't happen first, but I forgot to upload it in the right order so you're gonna see it first...got it?

As friends arrived, Kora politely took their gift and helped them pick out a digging visor to decorate with foam stickers.

Once we all had our hats, we were ready to dig. We went to the digging site which was roped off and we used our "tools" to dig for the dino bones. Everyone really loved it and they were so excited when they would find one!

When we had plenty of bones, we moved to the washing station where we cleaned our bones in soapy water with sponges and paintbrushes, because you have to be gentle when you're dealing with history people!

After all the digging, we were pretty hungry so we sat down to chow on chicken nuggets, chips and bone shaped sandwiches. They were Dino-licious!

All the girls got their hair DID and their makeovers and then we came in to open gifts and run around the house like wild maniacs. Well, that maniac part wasn't planned but it happened. Isn't this a cute bunch of girlies??! They're all kinda similar, huh? It's like 3 Koras...oh mother.

When everyone left, Kora sat in this pile of presents for quite a while. She looks frustrated here, but she was really pretty enveloped in the joy of having 500 new Barbies.

I may do what Amanda always does and add a part 2 or 3 if I get more pictures. We also found a HUGE dinosaur egg that was filled with all the party favors and that was really exciting. Amy has the picture of that because I was part of the action.


Unknown said...

What an ADORABLE cake!! How clever a party! I bet the kids loved it! What a lucky girl Kora is. Good job, Mom!

Is Kora wearing a peacock shirt? What is the significance of the peacock anyway?

Lindsay said...

i love that cake Jessica... Honestly... it's perfect. Great job. I would LOVE that kind of party if i were a kid... hell, even now i bet i'd be funner than some of the LAME parties i've been to...Beautiful makeovers...did you do those?

Unknown said...

from digging in dirt to makeovers--now that's a party!!! :D the girls are so cute and the cake is awesome!

Amanda said...

You did a lot of work for this party! WOW--It turned out great:) I LOVE the cake!!!! ---Side note--I always have to do several parts b/c I upload my pictures form Picasa and I can only do 4 at a time that way:)

Valinda said...

Wow! The cake looked awesome! That party looked super fun. You should do them professionally. ;)

Amy Herfurth said...

Guess that means you want your photos I took! :)

Tara said...

Really, that cake is WAY cool! Great job!!! The party looks like it was a blast! I wish we lived closer, you and I throw parties with similar creative input, our kids will have fun memories when they grow up! :)