Thursday, November 15, 2007

A list of Junkety Junk in the trunk trunk trunk

1. Just got creative with the title there, sorry. There was bootie shakin action goin on but thank goodness you can't see that part.

2. Speaking of booties, mine is getting quite large. I was born with a large "ghetto" as I like to call it. I've embraced the ghetto and am not bitter about it, but with all the prego junk goin on, it's becoming more of a shelf which I'm not lovin AS much.

3. I'm thinking about taking the prego counter down because the number of days I have left is just depressing, that's like a year, okay? And when is it gonna move to the next picture!?!?

4. The total amount of parties all three of us are doing this weekend is 11! 6 of those are my own and I'm already wishing I was writing this post Saturday night so I could say it's all over.

5. The missionary sisters came over for dinner tonight and I made Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti. It is the BEST chicken spaghetti ever, it's so yum yum. Everyone liked it (except Austin who didn't like the onions in it, but he's also an alien) so I think it's a keeper.

6. I bought a fun new item yesterday called a Bella Band. It's kinda like a tube top that's stretchy, but you wear it to cover your prego tummy (not the other word Julie) and hold up your unbuttoned regular pants. If you read #2 in my list of junk, you'll know that although my regular jeans are fitting the legs and thigh area, the butt and tum have became more than just a muffin top. With the Bella Band, I can still wear my regular pants but leave them undone. It's really cool because you can use it throughout your whole pregnancy. Go check it out! I got a white and a black one both with the lace trim on the bottom.

7. Sheriece asked about the Peacock so I'll share. When Austin and I were dating we would joke around a lot and I could never tell if he was being serious or just playing around. I would ask him, "you promise? you promise?" over and over, but that word got really worn out and we even started lying on a promise to keep our joke going. We decided that we needed a NEW word to replace "promise" so Austin decided "peacock" would be the one. Ever since then, when we want to know the absolute 100% truth about something we ask, "peacock?" NO matter what, the person HAS to be honest. It's become so normal in our house, that our children all use the word like it was meant for that purpose. Jake even came home from school a few years ago saying that his friend didn't know what peacock meant. I had to explain to him that only our family used that word. Because it's so special, we have a lot of peacock items to represent our family and our home, hence the peacock shirt Kora is wearing in her pictures. My sweet mutha recently bought me this hideous gaudy peacock ornament and I LOVE it. It's so perfect and he has real peacock feathers for his tail.

8. Kora has pink eye, gross.

9. We bought some new clothes for Kora at Old Navy because she got a gift card from MawMaw for her birthday. Thank GOSH, because she was in major need of warmer clothing. The only annoying thing about shopping for Kora is that she is SOOO FREAKIN PICKY. She won't wear ANYTHING that has buttons or zippers or thick seams. No jeans, khakis, cute pants...nuthin. We had to buy all "cozy pants" as she calls them. They look cute on her of course, but I wish she would go out on a limb and wear something exciting every once in a while. She's my only girl and I can't even girly her up! Before we went into the store, she warned me by saying, "You can tell me "no" if it's too long, but you can't tell me "no" if I pick something out I like." SO, translation - You can only pick the right size, I pick the clothes. She's even more crazy about socks. Usually she won't wear them at all, not matter what kind of shoe, but if she does wear them, they can ONLY be the low cut ankle socks that are seamless. The only ones I have found that she approves of are at Nordstrom and that's not super convenient for me. I usually just let her go sock free but that sure makes for some stinky toes!

10. Is it Saturday night yet?


Amanda said...

interesting list! I have heard of the Bella band.....but since me butt grows way faster than my stomach in pregnancy it really wouldn't work for me:( Meaning I can't fit my behind into my jeans:( I can't believe you are doing 6 parties this weekend! You are SUPERWOMAN! Maybe that should be one of your party costumes! LOL!

Lindsay said...

I can't remember Kora's real birthday... when is it? Also, i have a sty in my eye so i know what kora feels like even though it's not pink eye. That bella band sounds great even if you're just having a fat day. I might get one.. i looked in the gap maternity section the other day.. it was unimpressive...about kora's pickyness... i think it stems from your "no tags" disease... i mean, i have it too but i won't encourage it in my own children for fear that my daughters won't let me dress them up either....someday.

molly said...

tag, you're it. check my blog.

Unknown said...

EXCELLENT post. A few comments:,2933,310636,00.html

Those Bella Bands do sound cool.

The missionaries are coming over tonight and I am making ham and beans. YUM. Can I get the chicken spaghetti recipe?

I LOVE the peacock story! That's so sweet!

I am sooooo glad my kids don't care how I dress them... YET. Eek.

Amanda said...

Let me know how you like your bella bands.....I might need one to hold UP preggo Jeans....since the waist will be way too big in the beginning in order to fit my growing rear-end!

Tara said...

So when are you going to start posting pics of your tiny bump? We will need to see something to compare as the time goes by. (and yes, I'm back to blogging, thanks for the motivation to take a break from painting and get caught up! my first post is for you Jess!)

David and Teresa said...

The mutha is writing because my Jessica was in a wreck on Saturday after her parties. A lady hit her from behind going about 50 mph and Jess had almost come to a stop. It caused a 4 or 5 wreck. She is in a lot of pain and has to "stay hydrated" so her baby will not miscarry. It is sad to see her hurt so much and possibly lose her little baby. The doctor said that it probably will not happen but it could. Just so you all will know that is why she has not blogged any more. Little did she know that as she was wishing for Saturday to get here that this bad thing would happen right after her last party. She will be fine but it just makes me very sad for her.

Love the mutha o' Jessica

Anonymous said...

Where did you go? Did all the parties kill you? I am not used to you going this long between posts!!

Anonymous said...

I recall my last comment. I did not read down all the comments to see what happened. Oh Jessica I am so sorry. I am praying that things will be ok. Please don't take offense to my tactless comment, when I wrote it I had no idea. I love you and you will be in our prayers. I hope that you will be much better soon and that things with your pregnancy will be ok.