Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A list of shows that are very addicting

Here are some shows that seem to always pull me in when they come on. The worst part about these is that some of them are always run back to back marathon style so you start watching them when you wake up and before you know it it's dinner time and you're like, "where did the day go?!"

1. What Not To Wear (TLC)
2. Miami Ink and LA Ink (TLC)
3. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Tryouts (GAC or CMT, not sure)
4. The Bachelor (it's so ridiculous but every season, I seem to get SUCKED it)
5. Dancing With the Stars (every time I see this I wanna get up and dance)
6. A Baby Story (it ends the same way every time, with a baby, but I can't seem to pull my eyes away from it. )
7. Hannah Montana (thanks Linz, that's a good one)
8. Property Laddder
9. Movin' Up

Any others you guys wanna add??


Lindsay said...

house hunters on HGTV is a good one... also, Enos seems to be watching Hannah Montana everytime i walk in the house...that or which ever high school musical in on Disney..weird boy...oh, and CSI. sheesh.. they show a marathon of that on spike and we end up watching EVERY episode!!! come on!!! (gob's voice)

Amanda said...

I also love some of those shows "what not to wear", and Baby story and bringing home baby and house hunters is good too:) Although I don't get to watch many shows! The one I tape and watch every night is the Gilmore Girls re-runs:)

molly said...

Diagnosis X (TLC)(I love health stuff), criminal minds, john and kate +8 , shark, ugly betty! those are just a few of my fav!