Saturday, September 22, 2007

Giggling Missionary

I meant to take a picture of Kora on her first day of school (mother's day out) but it was sometime during all that camera blah that was going on so I missed out. Here's a picture of her all ready for school one morning giggling like the maniac she is. She bought that little "future missionary" badge at the book store and wears it almost everyday. This particular day was "get to know me" day and she had to bring 3 things that described her and her family. She chose to bring a picture of her family, a picture of Roscoe, and her Jr. Book of Mormon. I was quite proud of her for REALLY being a missionary to her class.


Lindsay said...

kora looks so'd never know what she's REALLY like...HA. But seriously... i'm proud of her too. Also, if you want a birthday card'd better make it soon before the holidays come and wipe me know i'd HAVE to do a card for you...or at least SAY i would cuz that's what i'm good at... but i'm getting better!!! (i'm working on being dependable.)

Amanda said...

That is just too darn cute!