Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wait...I have one more beach picture

Somehow this one didn't make it onto the blog but it was on my list to show, I can't leave it out...It's JAKE!!! While on vacation, Jake became QUITE the snorkeler. He bought his own mask, snorkel and flippers (is that what they're called?) and would snorkel in the pool just like a pro. He even knows how to go under the water to the bottom and then re-surface without lifting his face outta the water. He does the whole shoot the water through the snorkel thing too! It's really cute. Not only did me and Austin notice this, but my dad AND Austin's dad commented on his snorkeling skills.


Lindsay said...

such a talented boy...

Michelle Peyronet said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo proud of Jake's skills, one day I will get to teach him to Scuba : )
and they are called fins......I know, but you asked!

Love you!!