Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Vacation 2007 (it's been 18 days since my last post and BOY, this is a long one...get cozy!)

So here's the dude that did the drivin'. What a great husband to not make me drive at ALL (except for about 2 hours at the end). Doesnt he look serious? It's like he's on a mission and he's not stoppin till he accomplishes it.

Here's the passanger that had to mediate between the other passangers to make sure no one killed anyone else during the long drive.

This is Miah's way of telling us, "I've had enough, leave me alone!"

What?? What's this? A rare photo of the two lion cubs sharing??? It must be a mirage.


Of course we ran staight to the beach on the morning of the first day, wouldn't you? I made Kora into a hot 'n' spicy little mermaid.

The best part about being a mermaid is getting out of those mermaid fins, man the sweat that accumulates in those has got to be chaffing.

Here's a sex pot laying out on the beach...OH WAIT, that's Austin.
You can also see Unka (uncle) Enos and Jake in the background too!

Has Lauren's mommy ever told you how much she hates "sticky"? Well, I think Lauren has inherited that hate for the "sticky" too.

Anytime Amy gets a hold of my regular Joe camera, the pictures seem to take on a whole new outcome. How does that happen? How am I not able to do that same thing?? Does this not look like a professional photograph to you, because it does to me!

I would have to say that Lauren and Miah are the best of buddies...even though they like to hit and push and steal toys from one another. I think all of those things make them grow closer to each other, really...I'm being serious.

After a full day on the beach Austin and I can get to lookin pretty rugged, huh?

But we clean up well!!
The next few pics are of ALL of us cleaning up to go to dinner on the first night.

Kora got ready faster than anyone so she took a moment to sit and read about sharks.

Don't Ni (lindsay) and Aidan look nice and clean and ready to chow?

Kora did SO many things the first day, she wore herself completely out by dinner time and fell asleep just like this on the table. Doesn't she look precious?

It was good while it lasted but it didn't last long, not so precious anymore, huh?

When we got home from dinner, our neighbors gave us a pail 'o' crabs they had hunted while we were gone. (we stayed in a duplex home on the beach and they were on the other half of the duplex. Kora was pretty scared of the crabs but she still said that one was hers and even named it.

Let me introduce you to Zack (jake's crab) and Bow-dee (kora's crab).

It didn't take Miah long to start lovin the water. He was especially fond of this float that he would "bob" in while we were all swimming and laying out. This was all good until one day when he slipped through and found himself at the bottom of the pool. Thanks to his great big brother, he was quickly rescued and he went back to happily "bobbing".

Here's MiMi with her two babies!!!
I think Amy did a wonderful job at balancing the two babies back and forth each day in between naps, feedings, diaper changes, crying and so forth. I didn't even see her complain, not once and that's more than I can say for myself when my babies were that little!!

Enos decided to try out Aidans baby tent while we were there. It was a tad too small.

This is Kora imitating me as she pours the bronzer into her hands...

...and then applies generously all over the body.

What a sweet father daughter picture!

This was the usual scene in the living room. The boys were gamers playing the wii for the majority of the time that wasn't spent beaching, swimming or golfing.

Lauren was so precious on the trip. I think she loved being around everyone each day!


One evening while we were waiting for our table at a restaurant, Kora decided to take my camera and have her own photoshoot. Some of us she asked to make silly faces. These are her pictures!

I know this is blurry, but come on...I had to put it up!!

Even Aidan participated in the fun!

Isn't this precious?

Come on Ni!! Make a silly face!!

Kora chose a select few to have her picture taken WITH them.

Wait...Miah was in her select few?
So she really DOES love him!!


Here's Jake hangin on to a pirate ship!

I know Amy already did this one but it was MY idea!
Brown boy holding a white baby
White girl holding a brown baby
I love this family picture. We took it at a restaurant called Lamberts. It was SO much fun because they actually THROW rolls at you. They also did a lot of pranks on us and had us laughing for most of the time. Go to to check it out!

Here's a sweet pic of Ni and Enos!

Hold up...David was on vacation with us?
I'm just kidding David! (how did you manage to avoid every photo op?)

Let's end with this one. My sweet father and mother, a.k.a. MawMaw and PawPaw.
Thanks for everything you did for us on the trip! I love you both!


Camilla said...

looks like an incredible vacation!! your family should be on the cover of some family magazine, you are so perfect!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I can't believe how much all the kids are growing. Miah is losing that little chubby cheek face and growing into such an adorable little boy. The family pictures were great. Jess you look really tan. I'm jealous, I am as pasty as they come. Miss you guys.

Tara said...

Yaaay! I'm glad your back to bloggin! Sounds like a super fun trip! Enos and Lindsay came back only to turn around and spend the weekend with us, (Lindsay braved an entire day of shopping with the kids and I, she found Jade tons of cute clothes!, brave, brave sister you have!)They said it was an awesome vacation, it is nice to see pictures that reflect what they said as well. Goodness Jess, you are gorgeous no matter what! The kids look SO big! Kora is such a little lady! and it looks like you have two "boys" now, not a baby at all! What a stud Austin doing all that driving! (Bill is the same way) He's the man! (Although I think driving might be an easier job than keeping kids from killing each other! :) Great post, SO much to comment on! I wish we lived closer to you guys! Your family sure knows how to have fun on a vacation!

Lindsay said...

I love them ALL!!!! i wish i had a camera that didn't blow...then i could post some vacation pictures... guess i'll just have to draw some pictures that remind me of vacation.

Unknown said...

What a precious family, Jessica! Your kids are too cute, and it looks like everyone had a blast in Gulf Shores! It's so good to see pics of your parents, too. I miss them a lot!