Thursday, August 23, 2007

One of each

I have to apologize to my children for being such a grouchy mother the last two days. I feel terrible for yelling and screaming so much and I wanted to post on my blog, one thing about each child that makes me smile, even when I'm having a hard time finding a reason to.
JAKOB - the thoughtful one

Jake brought this picture home from church on Sunday and I barely looked at it. Tuesday, in all my rage as I was unloading children out of the car, I saw it in the floor board and noticed the "Br." part he wrote. It made me smile so big because Jake is SUCH a great kid. At times he does act like he's in a different world, not paying attention or even noticing his surroundings, but he means well in everything that he does. There isn't a single thing that I could truly be MAD at him for, he's just so perfect. He thinks of things that a normal 7 year old would never think of because he cares so much for his family. He is such a great example to his brother and sister and I couldn't be more proud of the kid he is growing up to be.
KORA - the caring one

As I was trying to get children ready to go, that same day. I asked everyone to go get dressed and come down and BE READY. I was already so mad that this was the millionth time I had asked this so when all the chickens came rolling down the stairs, I was all prepared to get mad that either their shoes weren't on, their hair wasn't fixed or their teeth weren't brushed. Well, I had to bite my tongue because they all proved me wrong. Everyone one of them were dressed and cleaned and fixed from head to toe and the toes on Kora were the best part!! Not only did she change Miah's diaper, get him dressed and brush his teeth, she did the same for herself and even threw a little jazz into her step with these funky socks. In all my anger from feeling like Kora hadn't done what I asked, to seeing that she went above and beyond, I had to smile and love her. She helps out SO MUCH around here with everything and especially Miah. She acts like a little mother to him almost everyday dressing him and picking out his clothes. It's her favorite thing and I'm so grateful for the sweet spirit she brings into our home each day.

MIAH - the lovable one

Yesterday as I was sitting at the computer doing some business. I was still feeling angry because the fighting I could hear going on downstairs was never ending. All of a sudden, I start to hear this little voice coming from behind me. I had thought Miah was downstairs in the midst of all the fighting, but no...he sitting right behind me carrying on a sweet little conversation with Roscoe. It was so precious because he acted like Roscoe knew everything he was talking about and just kept on saying "ok roscoe?" He would even bend down to get his face right in front of Roscoe to make sure he was paying attention. I couldn't help but smile at this sweet sight. Of all my kids, I would have to say that Miah is definitely the most lovable. He will sit anywhere or cuddle any place with you and just love it. He's so sweet and he is so eager to say thank you and your welcome no matter where he is or who he's talking to. He's just a sweet little man.

So that's that. Once I get them all up and ready today, I'm going to take them to get donuts and then I'm going to apologize to each of them and promise to them that I'll try harder to be more patient because they are each SO special to me in many different ways and I couldn't be more thankful for the blessings they are in my life.


Tara said...

SO sweet Jess! Kora reminds me a bit of Jade, she always has on "interesting" socks. You have such sweet kids! I had to give Jade a hard time and tell her that Kora knows how to change a diaper, (Jade has been avoiding that skill with Eddie), so it's about time Jade learns too. Sweet, sweet mommy post.

molly said...

LOVED the post!! Ty has been a hand full since Matt has been out of town. Last night he spit a mouthful of milk all over my bed and it was already 8pm, so that was fun. This morning he cut ben's upper lip with a toy airplane and then try to smother him by covering him up with two pillows! Your post reminded me how special my boys are even when they are driving me nutty! and I will email you my address and amanda's email address.

Lindsay said...

i love this post... it makes me wanna cry because i love them so much. I'm so glad to be a part of their lives even when i live so far away... hopefully it won't be this way forever and i can be there for them whenever they need it as they grow up. I can't wait to have kids...(when i hear stuff like this, i mean. hehe)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! I just LOVE this blog. You made me cry!! Your kids are so dang cute. I can't wait for you to move to Va so we can see you some more. :D

Kimmychan ;)

Amanda said...

That is very TRUE!!! Remember all the good they do and praise that:)

Anonymous said...

I sat and read this and cried through the whole thing. Then I read it to Kyle and made it to the very last paragraph before I lost it again. You are such a wonderful mom and you care so much for your kiddos and you respect them and that is so important. Just because they are little kids doesn't mean that if we do something wrong against them that they don't deserve apologies too. I admire you for recognizing that and doing that. Your kids will always remember that and I know that someday when they have their own kids they will be the same way with theirs. I hope that I can be as good a mom as I see you being. I try my best with Faith everyday but there are those days that you just have no patience left, but every moment is special and precious. Thanks for the great example you set for your kids and for those of us who read your blog. I really miss you and the kids and I guess Austin too. We have got to get together soon!