Sunday, August 26, 2007

2 teepees

While out exploring in the back, the kids found this big bunch of trees with a small clearing in between two of them. It's really hidden and secretive so they decided to gather some sticks to each build a teepee inside. Mawmaw helped Jake find some good long sticks to use and then even let him borrow two of her towels. I used the bush trimmers to trim away some branches to make the clearing a little more open.
Here is a wide view of the clearing. This picture doesn't do the spot justice, it's really neat!

Here's Jake with his teepee and water bottles. He said the red one is to use as war paint if the bobcat comes back.

Here's Kora wither her teepee. She's mad because the teepee that Jake made for her is falling down. It also looks as though I forgot to trim that branch in front of her face.


Lindsay said...

this looks so fun!! like all taribithia and stuff... (that movie was lame though)

Amanda said...

That looks like a kids dream!!!! P would love to play in the "woods"!

Tara said...

My kids are LOVING their secret hide-outs too. But I noticed that a number of neighbor kids who have come over to play, (and happen to come from $$$$), can't seem to get into this "imagination" play, they just want to play with popular toys or a wii. I have to say, I would not mind having the kind of money these people have, but the flip side is that my kids can spend hours with sticks and a cloth and have a blast in little "hide-outs" too. Who needs money when life is already full of adventures?