Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July festivities

We had a fabulous 4th of July this year (except for one small issue which I'll discuss in another post). The day before, me, Jake, Kora and Miah all made 4th of July necklaces and bracelets with stars and beads for everyone who would be joining us that day. We went to the movie early in t he evening (which is when the incident occurred) and then home to enjoy fireworks with family and friends. My mom's cousin Cindy came over as well as Keith (austin's dad a.k.a. POPS) and Kim (keith's wife) and Evan (kim's son) and my sister's family (amy, david, lauren and aidan). The kids had a TOTAL blast shooting firecrackers.

Here's a sweet picture of my dad and Aidan.

This is Kora being herself (wild and nude) with Evan.

I think Kora is trying to light Pops' foot on fire.

I could have sworn Miah would be scared of fireworks and stuff but he totally digged it all, can't you tell? OH!! and if you look closely, on the ground is some of our jewelry we made!!

This picture makes me feel sorry for Austin because I think it truly reflects the stress he has been going through the past few weeks studying for the bar. Look at his dead face...see what the bar will do to you? I'm not sure he's completely coherent in this picture, he's just being "there" for everyone.


Tara said...

I can't wait to see what Kora makes of herself, I bet she is going to be quite the amazing woman someday. I love Miah's expressions, I look forward to meeting him, he looks like quite the character. :) I SO understand Austin's look, I love Bill so much more for the sacrifices he made/makes. I am looking forward to having a living husband again, hopefully after all the exams are over in Nov. I know you understand what I mean. Austin's a good man. I can't wait to hear where you will live next!

Lindsay said...

Why does aidan look like he could EAT daddy? I'm a bit worried about that boy's size... OR your picture taking abilities... Sorry austin... good luck on the bar... we'll pray for you.

Amanda said...

glad you had a good 4th! Good luck with the Bar....sounds HORRID! I love seeing pictures of your Dad (where is your mom???) I haven't seen them in FOREVER!!!