Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pictures at the Park

Since this last Monday, Jake and Kora have had acting classes at CATS in Arlington in the morning. Kora goes first and then Jake is after hers, both 1 1/2 hours long. SO, instead of driving all the way back home and back and then home and back again, we just hang out at random parks and do a little park hopping each day. I've been forgetting to take my camera with me until today so here's some cute shots I got!

Miah loved the swing, even when Jake decided to get a little wild and make it go side to side!

Doesn't Jeremiah look Asian here?

This girl is so dirty, I don't think she's bathed in quite a few days...well, I take that back, does swimming count?

I LOVE my Jake's freckles - enough said! Click on this picture to get a closer look.

Sometimes we'd get done with the park too early and just chill out in the car waiting. Miah's face looks like he's trying to pooh or something.

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Lindsay said...

jakob looks like he's in boy scouts in that outfit. Is that his new favorite shirt? he's got it on in more than one post from different days. they're all so dirty and precious!