Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I only WISH I had been able to make a cake like this...

I know it seems like his birthday has been dragging out over an entire month but hey, you know who his mother is and how she likes to do HER birthday that way too. Here are some pictures of the movie party we had on Friday the 1st. Jake had 4 of his favorite buddies come over and we took them to see Pirates 3 at the movies. Afterward we came home and ate cupcakes and sang happy birthday.

It was quite an adventure, the whole day. I had planned this very exciting treasure box birthday cake to make. Usually I buy the kids' cakes because I know that I'm not a good cake maker and I don't wish to even try, BUT when my sweet Jake told me that it would really mean a lot to him for me to make it this time...I couldn't say no. SOO, I went online and found this magnificent picture of a treasure box birthday cake (see above) and I decided I would attempt it.

I started the cake about 2 1/2 hours before the party and everything was going fine. I was following the directions to a T and all was well...until the frosting part. As I started to frost this pile of cut out cake shapes, everything fell apart. The frosting was lifting up the cake and crumbs were everywhere. At one point, I really thought I could salvage this pile of frosted crumbs until the frosting got too heavy and started to collapse the "lid" of the treasure box. At that point, I squatted down on the kitchen floor and just started to cry. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous but I was also PMS so give me a break! Jake came in and saw the hideous mess of frosting with a cake buried somewhere underneath, and me crying on the floor and like the sweet Jake he is, he just hugged me and said that it looked fine and it would still work.

I knew it didn't look fine and I was ashamed that I couldn't pull off this so called "simple" task for my sweet Jakob so I took the entire cake and scooped it into the trash, yelled for Austin to run to Kroger and get more cake mix for cupcakes and then ran to the bathroom to cry some more because there was only an hour left before the party.

All in all, it turned out fine. I wish I could have given him the treasure box birthday cake he wanted, but he was still happy with his gold coin topped cupcakes. The lesson I learned from this disaster is that I will NEVER, no matter what, attempt to make my children's birthday cakes...ALWAYS BUY THEM!!

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Lindsay said...

or have their aunt NI make them :) sorry about that.