Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Mother's Day Present!!

For Mother's Day this year, the kids (a.k.a. Austin) bought me and Austin tickets to go see the Rangers play...JUST US...NO KIDS!!! I had SO much fun, more fun than I've had in a long long time being with Austin and just enjoying the game. The weather was soo perfect, not hot at all and breezy too. We had great seats and I never realized how much MORE fun you can have at a Ranger's game when you're closer to the field. The picture I put up is to show how close we were and it also has Sammy Sosa in it leading off of first. We asked some guy to take our pictures so we could remember that we had this time alone together since it's so very rare. Don't ask me what that nest on top of my head is...I think the wind came at just the right time!

The next morning I awoke to a sweet message from Austin on his big board of goals. Don't ya like the picture he drew of himself flashing the "i love you" gang sign? I know most of you may not realize that Austin has a soft side because he has such a tough exterior, but yes, he does! What a sweet husband I have :)

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Lindsay said...

other than the nest... you guys are a handsome couple. oh and the drawing is great.