Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birthday Dinner at Chilis!!

Here are some photos I took at Jake's favorite DINNER place which of course we had to go to since he's the birthday boy. One of the pictures is right after Jake squirted a lemon in his water and it went in the wrong direction. I thought he looked pretty funny and I couldn't stop laughing about it! (I know, what a loving mother I am, huh?) I love the picture of the piglets devouring Jake's birthday treat and how Kora is turned around like she's been caught! I know I'm biased, but I really believe I have the most beautiful family in the whole entire world!!!

OH, and if you're wondering why I'm not in any of the pictures? Well that's simple, I'm the MOTHER and the MOTHER never gets to be in the pictures because she's always TAKING the pictures.


Lindsay said...

that, my friend, is a handsome birthday boy. :) I forgot to call and wish him a happy one since i was moving all day until 1:00AM!!!! i'll call today and wish him a late one.... i mean a HAPPY late one. i can't believe he's SEVEN!!!

Lindsay said...

here's me... making a comment that i've scene and DO ENJOY this set of pictures... :)