Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do it yourself, Miah

Last week I got tired of making lunches for all these spawn.
I quit.
Clocked out.
Ran away to Montana (as my Mutha used to threaten).
I told the kids to make their own dang lunches.
And so, for the first time in history, Miah made his very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
He was so proud. And so was I.
I'm an advocate for teaching kids at a young age how to fend for food themselves.
Less work for me.
When I pulled out the peanut butter jar today to make my OWN pb and honey,
the evidence of his sandwich making skilz were all over the place.

And then I opened the jar only to find...

...a token of Miah's work laid to rest in the peanut butter.
How in the tarnation did one of those plastic baby bottle discs get IN the peanut butter jar?
Miah never ceases to confuse me,
but this one definitely takes the gold.

If you were cool, like me,
then you'd want to WIN THIS!


Valinda said...

So you're saying I should send you a jar of PB just for you?

Lindsey said...


Burns Family said...

That is tooo funny! Kids do the darndest things. And I bet he was so happy with himself also... THere are times I go the the microwave and find 49 minutes and so many second on the time...I release Austin was making his own hot chocolate again. Thank heavens he has never let it cook longer than 30-45 seconds..

Froggylady said...

Too funny!

Valinda's sister said...

Just wanted to let you know everytime I see your posts on V's blog I think is that a pot leaf and then look again and go oh no it's a peacock. And V's other sister agrees with me.

andi said...

Was that the utensil he used to spread the PB maybe? You know those things are pretty versatile. And be honest- how often do you actually use them for the bottles? ;)

David and Teresa said...

I love my Miah!!! Yep, that would be crunchy peanute butter. It is good for the kids to do their own lunches. Remember you guys did your own laundry at a young age thanks to my friend Debbie in California. She say to me, "why in the heck are doing those kids' them how and let them do it." And I did and you learned and the rest is history....LOL!
Love you Mutha

dena said...

you are cracking me up with all your photo editing these days.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That post cracks me up!!! I remember so well!!!!!

Laura said...

I give my stamp of approval to the creamy Jif. I'd rather eat dirt than use Skippy. Two thumbs up Miah.