Thursday, November 8, 2007

A list of Junk

1. Got lots of little projects going on right now for Kora's party so I'm too busy to write a REAL post.

2. I finished the birthday cake and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. Thank goodness it wasn't another disaster like Jake's cake this past May...oh my.

3. I bragged too early about never being sick and now...I'm sick.

4. The radio station was having a flashback hour and they were playing Nsync and I realized I am STILL in love with them. What it is about the songs that makes me do all the moves while I'm driving and singing along like I'm in concert? It brings something out of me that I can't explain. I thought I was over it...I was wrong. I love boy bands.

5. I hate being poor.

6. Why am I always so cold all of a sudden?

7. Jessica's Princess Parties is officially for sale. We received all the financials back from the CPA today and the business plan is complete.

8. I'm starving my brains out but if I eat something right now, I will have severe consequences this evening and tomorrow morning.

9. Kora is literally bouncing off the walls right now, at 11pm, because she is SO excited about her party tomorrow. I think the massive amounts of frosting she consumed also has something to do with it.

10. Miah is trying to figure out this baby thing and doesn't understand my explanation of WHY he wasn't in my tummy. He just looks at me with his eyebrows down and his nose crinkled up like, "ahhh, your just kiddin me!"


Unknown said...

Ok, first off:

I just woke Jerad up when I BURST into laughter reading your "bashed my head in" comment on my blog. Sicko! I LOVE IT!

I did not know that you and Lindsay had the boy band thing in common. I still laugh at the pictures of her side of our dorm room.

I hate being poor, too.

I didn't know you were selling the biz. It's such a cute idea! I am guessing this is something you are happy about, so congrats!

The stuff about Miah just warmed my heart. What a special place he holds in your family: you chose each other! :)

Amanda said...

Are you selling the biz b/c you are moving? Congrats--what a great business you have built! Isn't Miah only 2 yr or is he 3? That's a lot to take in at such a young age:) I am so sorry you feel sick now:( I am guessing you meant preggo sick.....

Lindsay said...

about the boy bands thing.. i am the exact OPPOSITE of you about this.. i hear Nsync or backstreet boys now and i get really embarrassed, irritated and anxious and have to change the station which is hard in my car cuz i only have three stations and one of them is Christmas music now (which i can't listen to YET, i mean COME ON) ..About Miah and his reactions.. i can totally see him doing that face you are describing.. it's so sweet. I love my miah.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the party! Happy Birthday Kora!!! The kids sure have grown up so much since you were here.